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Lions Club International announces upcoming plans Unveils the new District Logo

By Papiya Halder: -‘No great destination was ever achieved without enthusiasm, courage and strong decision – the same holds true for a person that replicates the exact passion in everything he integrates. Lions Club International stands behind the biggest decisions and initiatives of Lion Shri Ashok Surana for the betterment of the society. Shri Ashok Surana has become the Centennial District Governor. He will take Oath and Charge from 2nd July, 2017. Social Activist Shri Surana has been elected as Centennial District Governor of Lions Club International (Dist.322B2) for Lions Year 2017-18. Induction ceremony will be held in the 100th Lions Club International Convention at Chicago (USA) on 2nd July, 2017. Shri Ashok Surana was present to brief the media along with Mr Wasim Kapoor, Renowned Painter who was present to grace the occasion.

Lions Club organized a Press Conference to announce their upcoming plans for the society. The Club targets to setup maximum tube wells and other sources for drinking water facilities along with Health Camps on a large scale. The interaction aimed at creating awareness about different current and upcoming projects of the Organization. It also highlighted how the Organization has reached different areas of the state, not only in terms of general blood donation or health camps but also making livelihood possible for the poor, untold initiatives and betterment of the needy in the state. The event also focused on the Service & Accountability of the Organization, Gaps & Challenges and Current Scenario of the Projects.

The event also witnessed the unveiling of the new district logo of the Lions Club followed by an interactive session on how the perception needs to be changed regarding the role of the Lions Club which is not limited to just organizing camps.  The new avatar of the Lions Club promises to ensure transparent, unique and upgraded services fulfillment through their new team from July onwards. It would be far ahead of the basic services of the Club in terms of providing education, livelihood, healthcare services to name a few which the society is missing.


Lions Club believes good services with care are vital for society’s development. This should go hand-in-hand with new and unique services that are much needed now-a-days. The Club also plans to accelerate the services and progress of the current projects on an accountability role.

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