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Saint-Gobain’s Infinity range transforms high-rises

Kolkata, By Priyanka Guha: In bustling cities, ground space has become a constraint. The growth of cities has exploded laterally through all directions, leaving the only scope of development to be in the vertical direction. In the days to come, this vertical growth will be the one that is able to sustain an ever-growing need for living spaces. A high-rise building does not put as much stress on nature, considering the smaller ground space that it would occupy. Having more such buildings could lead to utilizing the already-scarce land for green landscape and to creating breathing spaces for the neighborhood.

While designing high-rise buildings, it is essential that the materials used in them are lighter in weight. Glass, weighing lesser than concrete walls, achieves this purpose and also provides the desirable advantage of enjoying majestic views from living spaces. Saint-Gobain’s Infinity offers a range of products and solutions to the architect and builder community. Infinity’s products include a range of High-Performance Glass Products and Glazing Solutions that are sustainable even while delivering aesthetic value.

Under Infinity, Saint-Gobain also offers a bundle of allied solutions and advisory that complement and go beyond the product offerings –Product Management for quality assurance, Design Ace solutions that advise on a near perfect glazing design and building simulation andResearch Solutions, which are custom solutions for specific glazing requirements that deal with building science and physics.

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