Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

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Noted Odissi Guru Urmila Bhaumik presented VANDE NRITYAM 2019

Noted music composer Kalyan Sen Barat was felicitated on completion of 50 years of his musical journey. The program was Presented & Directed by Urmila Bhaumik and the Concept and Script was by Pokhraj Chakraborty.

The highlight of the evening was   a dance drama Purush o Prokriti    by Guru Urmila Bhaumik and her students teaming up with Kohinoor Sen Barat and his students. The vocal support was given by Srikanto Acharya and Jayati Chakraborty.  Elocuitionist Sutapa Bandopadhyay also performed during the evening.

An experimental presentation Bidrohi presentation along with a Retro section was also performed by Urmila’s students and the show ended with another dance drama Kalmrigaya.

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