Overcoming Obstacles- Ankit Mukherjee

“Knowledge comes by eyes always open and working hands, and there is no knowledge that is not power”. This statement characterizes my beliefs. I am Ankit Mukherjee, 22, a brief profile of myself and hope that through it, I may be identified as a story for the upcoming generations.

I hail from a dynamic family comprising of my father, who had lost his employment when I was about 10-years-old due to unforseen circumstances in his business. My mother, who despite this, started her own private limited company in a partneship format. Since then, my mother, has never looked back and now after immense hard work and struggle, her company is well established in the corporate sector. Growing up in a family of independent, career minded people has been a distinct advantage. My parents have inculcated in me a sense of administration and discipline with respect to all my activities. This prudent upbringing has shaped me into being an independent, clear-thinking and to-the-point person, dedicated to my thoughts and responsibilities, both personal and professional even though my father’s unemployment was always a challenge.

This independence is well reflected by the fact that during my childhood at the high school level, I learnt the value of diligent work and perseverance. This drove me to secure distinction marks in my higher secondary examination. Later this served as an establishment for my studies and I recieved academic scholarship to pursure Advanced Diploma in Business Management from Management Development Institute of Singapore with an overall ‘A’ grade and distiction. This gave me a platform to further my studies and complete my bachelor’s degree from University of Sunderland, where I recived ‘The Star Student Award’ for my batch. Recently, I also recevied MBA scholarship to pursue the said course at the University of East London, UK to gain and contribute the knowledge acquired towards my mother’s company and help young aspiring entrepreneurs in India by providing on hand management knowledge and experience. The fincancial help was an immense boon to me. I have also managed to have my book published with Educreation titled ‘Everything Sells!’, after doing adequate research on the subject of Marketing.

Despite financial constraints, I’ve always managed to looked beyond it and succeed. I was honored with a ‘Doctorate in Business Management’ for my research in the subject matter from The University of Southampton, UK. I hope all the experience and education I gained can be channelised into success for my mother’s organization while I also intend to offer lectures at IIM-C in the near future.

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