Panasonic eyes 22% growth in the Air conditioner segement in West Bengal

Reassuring its commitment towards improving the indoor air quality, Panasonic India has introduced its new range of inverter air conditioners. The new range comes with the inbuilt air purification system called Nanoe™ Technology that actively removes PM2.5 and airborne particles ensuring up to 99% cleaner air. With the new range, the company plans to achieve 22% growth in the air conditioner category in West Bengal in FY18-19.

Marking the 60th anniversary of its Air Conditioner category this year, Panasonic aims to promote its pro-consumer’s health objective by ensuring‘Quality Air for Life’. The new range comes with Aerowings that gives it more control over the direction of the airflow across a wider area, resulting in an even flow of cool and purified air in every corner of the room. The new ‘Air-Purifying’ inverter air conditioners are available at all leading retail outlets from a starting price of INR 39,000 to INR 72,000 and in 1.0T, 1.5T, 2.0T variants.

Mr. Gaurav Sah, Business Head, Air Conditioners Group, Panasonic India said, “With passion and perseverance, Panasonic has been using advanced technologies to improve air quality for 60 years. With the deteriorating environmental conditions across India, there is a growing need for air quality solutions. Panasonic is committed to improve the quality of air in Indian homes and provide enhanced cooling solutions with our proven Nanoe™ Technology & Aerowings design, with 34% power savings in our Invertor range”


He further added, “West Bengal is a key market for us and we target to achieve 10% market share in the AC category by 2020. The consumer here is receptive to new technologies and also very conscious of price and the quality that they are being offered. Panasonic is the number one Room AC brand in Japan (per 2017 Japan Electric Association Survey) and we would like to bring the same expertise and technology to West Bengal with this new range.

In addition to the Aerowings, the new Panasonic Air Conditioners feature super-high fan speed to produce bigger air volume. The variants also come embedded with top of the line features like faster cooling, stylish design, durability and exceptional power saving performance.


With this launch Panasonic will also be showcasing the elite inverter range ‘AERO SERIES’ which comes with Aeroslim design, iAuto X feature for faster cooling and ECONAVI Sensors which reduces energy wastage up to 65%.

Air Conditioner market has recently witnessed a shift towards people purchasing inverter ACs in the country. Currently, 15% of Indian AC market has moved to Inverter AC’s and is anticipated to grow to total 55% of the AC market.

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