Poker- a new sports game

Nowdays Poker is not just a game but it has also become a Business growing at a 200% rate. Digital
Platform has played a major role in changing the shape & structure of Poker Industry. is India's leading & most-trustworthy online Poker gaming portal. It is an India
centric online gaming hub that aims to bring the sophistication and quality of a world-class online
gaming platform to gaming enthusiasts in India. With a vast variety of Poker tournaments, offers and
game offerings,, founded by Poker Badshah, Amin Rozani, in 2014, has become
the hotspot for Poker aficionados across India.
Poker is not just considered a game but also a sports game. Recently, Indian Poker League ( IPL) season 2
took place in which 10 States participated like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Delhi,
Goa, UP. Haryana Hawks came first, UP Indians came second, Delhi Aces came third & Kolkata Kings
came fourth. The Team came first, second, third & fourth won 40, 25, 20, & 10 Lakhs respectively
Amin Rozani, The co founder of Spartan Poker & the Sponsor of UP Indians team said ‘ In all over the
country, Poker is played most in Kolkata. In Kolkata itself there is 10-12 Poker Clubs. Spartan Poker
App is also available for the players’

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