Poster and live music launch of the English short flim “An evening in my life”

By Abhinaba Roy :- From the world of commercial movie for the first time Sanat Dutta the well known director presents a English short flim “An evening in my life”.
The story begins with a couple name Avinav and Sheetal who were dedicatedly in love with each other but unfortunately they are now married to other people. The story rotate around their life,how they planned to meet each other after ten years and the sequence of the events that happen when they meet after such a long time. The story portrays how this twin soul are separated from each other just to find their identity but still they are together by core of their heart.
“An evening in my life” is shooted at the ground behind Fort William. Samrat Mukherjee who is a well known actor had directed many short flim but he acted only in one or two so he is very excited and eagerly waiting for the release. Samrat Mukherjee said he had many N.R.I friends who leave their home and country to chase their career had achieved nothing exceptional than who is working in their hometown thus this movie has a wonderful social message and the movie will touch the heart of each and every N.R.I. According to Sanat Dutta this flim is selected and warmly accepted in the International Flim Festival and the whole cast is dreaming of the award.
The story and screenplay is by Debolina Das. The music is by Rupendu Basu.

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