Poster Launch of “NAAD” – Dance Theatre

Well-known Tollywood actor Shaheb Bhattacharjee will be seen for the first time ever in a dance theatre, “Naad”. The core team of Naad comprising Shaheb along with Raktim Goswami, who has conceptualised, directed and choreographed the production, script writer Dheeman Bhattacharyya, an assistant professor of comparative literature at Visva-Bharati University and Prasenjit Mohanta, the chief presenter came together at Macazzo on Friday November 17 to unveil the eye-catching poster. “NAAD” will be staged at GD Birla Sabhaghar on December 2.


Talking about Naad, Raktim explained, “In a world torn by differences, judgements and discrimination, “Naad” represents the first sound memory, the ‘bindu’ or one-point consciousness where there is no bias but equanimity and social equality. All the elements that create rift between human beings – class, creed, skin colour or gender – should be demolished and the unique individualism and soul of the person should be acknowledged and celebrated. What matters most are self-acceptance and the freedom to be one’s true self. That is the beautiful message of Naad portrayed through music, dance and emotions.”


Shaheb said, “As an actor, I try to experiment with different forms of creative expressions. I have never done a dance theatre and that too on such a striking subject. What caught my attention is the fact that “Naad” deals with anti-narratives where you meet the unexpected sides of an individual’s life story. We are used to live and expect things to happen in a certain way. But “Naad” questions the very fabric of the everyday life. Raktim is a great artist and I would request everyone to support “Naad”.


The other dancers of “Naad” include Sumana Nag, Nabanita Roy, Monika Paul, Sumit Mahindar, Santanu Das, Ranbir Majumder and Palash Debnath. The vocals and music is by Jaydeep Sinha while the original background score has been done by Subhadeep Sarkar. Alokananda Roy is the voiceover artist. The set has been designed by Adrish Kumar Roy and Sohini Basu has designed the costume. Sudip Sanyal has done the lights.


Raktim Goswami is a dynamic trained professional in Contemporary and Classical Jazz. He has performed various throughout India and other countries. He has earned recognition for various performances by Ronnie Shambik Ghosh, Dr Mitul Sengupta and from the Classical Jazz Maestro, Gianin Loriengett from Nice (France). He is artistic director of “Gaman” the movement factory and he is dance faculty in Ashok Hall Group of Schools and guest facilitator of Ashok Hall Girls Residential School at Majhkhali and Aaryaman Vikram Birla institute of learning at Haldwani.

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