Poster, Trailer & Music Launch of ” Sitara”

By Jayeeta sen, Picture by Avishek Ray
Shivani Entertainment presents Bengali Feature Film “Sitara” Directed by Ashis Roy has launch their Poster, Trailer & Music at Hard Rock Cafe on 15th Jan. The ceremony was atended by cast, crew & singers. Though this is the incomplete work in music of minent singer late Shree Kalika Prasad Bhattacharya in the film “Sitara” which is put in shape by his “TEAM DOHAR”. His TEAM along with his wife was presented in the occasion to pay a glowing tribute to late Music Director.
Sitara is a poor Bangladeshi housewife who crossed the border to enter the Indian lands illegally, with her husband Jiban Sheikh. Jiban sold Sitara to Kabir , a notorious smuggler of LP-GP (Ladies’ pant and Gents’ pant), in order to earn bread by smuggling garments from Bangladesh. Sitara’s father and brother also supported Jiban for their own selfish motives. Sitara found herself trapped and in deep hatred for her own people. This led her to accept herself as the LP-GFP queen. She soon established herself in the trade by offering her youth to the traders, agents, police officers and the security forces officers of both the countries. Dilu, a poor Bangladeshi, who accompanied Sitara and Jiban had arrived with his mentally challenged sister. Jiban had appointed Dilu to look after his wife but Dilu soon fell in love with her. Although he could not never gather enough courage to confess his love, he tried hard to dissuade Sitara from doing such a risky job, but all went in vain.
Sitara rising to fame as the queen of LP.GP came with a cost Various diseases began to leech off of her and left her alone frail and penniless. Even her husband who pushed her to this state soon divorced her after she fell ill. Only Dilu who had lost his sister by this time stood beside Sitara. But, she pushed him away as she did not want to spoil his life. After these times of turmoil Sitara’s health recovered but her position in the LP-GP business could not be regained.
Meanwhile, Sitara met Manab, a social worker fighting for the rights of the poor people living in the border area. Sitara joined him and revoked the local people to rise up against the administration and local mafias. Sitara eventually fell in love with Manab and led him to success. Like others Manab too abandoned her after becoming an M.L.A. and went ahead to marry a rich woman from Kolkata. Sitara’s plight to earn a living continued.
Director of the film Ashis Roy said, “Sitara is based on the fiction novel “Bhorer Proshuti” written by eminent author Abul Basher. Great detail has been put into the screen play to portray the journey of a young lady and her ordeals with the cross-border smuggling racket; shot in the location of Indo-Bengal border area Mekhliganj brimming with its untapped beauty. Lighting and camera movements among other cinematic elements have been given paramount importance in this film. Believable narratives and dialogue delivery by the actors would aid the audience to draw parallels between the films plot and such situations in real life.”
Actually Siva prasad Pradhan ,producer of the film “Sitara” has vast experience on business. Newly he opened another wings of independent production Company focus on creating digital media of the highest quality most productive that effect the society is positive ways which remind others of our common humanity .He plans to begin his journey with the movie SITARA under the banner SHHIVANI ENTERTAINMENT. He aspirers to produce films that are a form of art-not merely to entertain but provoke emotion and refection.
M. Nassar is a multilingual Indian film actor, who mainly works in the South Indian film Industry. Sitara his first bengali movie. He talks his experience “Oh. My mother universe!! It was a great experience. A humble crew with a great conviction. Remember the moments with the actors across border but with the same warmth. A great language, help from my co artists I should thank…Waiting like a child for the result. I Loved the landscape and pained about the politics behind it. Loved the food and longing for it And ..proud and happy to be part of SITARA.”
Another actor from the movie ,Masood Akhter said, while talking about the film “Sitara means glittering stars, Sky is full of such Stars, it’s a great sight at night. Even Sitara devi was a great kathakali dancer in our continent three decade’s back. Though our Sitara the main protagonist of the film is no less than any Star but she sparkled in the court yard of poor peasant in the Bordering area of Bangladesh, grew up in poverty but no doubt turn out to be attractive so much so that who ever saw her saw, with a lusty look and finally one day was negotiated by the women trafficking clout at the Border to a trader in the Indian continent. what a flourishing business at the Border. Sitara was exploited. Her struggle for survival and suffering has no ends. I play a small town Doctor who gives her treatment as she is going thru a deadly disease, I show concern towards her but at the same place is very friendly with the trader who has exploited her thru out for physical pleasure. These Doctors are bad example for society. A very interesting story line with many more layers within. well shot at a virgin location never exploited earlier. This film Sitara has touched an international issue which is thru out in the man made Borders on this earth. I wish Mr Ashis Roy a great success which he attempted with lots of problems during making. Congrats to the entire team of Sitara.”
Subrat Dutta who is playing the role of Manab Sarkar in the film said, “ Yes-l was playing under the same captain again after couple of years. This time field and pitch both were rough but all players (actors &technicians) were really brilliant, strong ,Fantastic. They were not only from various states but also from other countries. Here our Captain successfully transmits his passion to the whole team which transforms into MISSION when we were practically dealing the brilliant, painful content on that beautifully rough field near Indo-Bangladesh border during filming of SITARA Special regards to #Nassar sir for his immense discipline & dedication. During post production also Captain choose the best masters. So, I can smell now- after getting some feed back (though hv’nt seen the finished film yet) that Ashis Da cooked this time really well. Eagerly waiting to take the taste & entertained with you all.”
Meghna Naidu sharing her experience with us, said, “ SITARA…my 2nd bengali movie after a very long time !!! My experience was amazing. We shot in very beautiful locations and real locations. Never thought there were so many unseen places in our own country close to India – Bangladesh border. The cast and crew was like a family. Met so many lovely actors from Bangladesh and worked with a very old friend Raima and obviously Mr. Nassar made the sets come alive. The director Mr. Ashis made everything very easy and comfortable and explained every line in detail !!! Would definitely love to do more work with the director and in Bengali again. “
Bangladeshi Actor Zahid Hasan share his experience “ SITARA is my first Indian film, being a Bangladeshi it has been a great honour for me to be a part of this bonding of two Bangła. It was an experience to remember as I got work with many international artists such as M.Nassar, Raima Sen, Shubrat Dutta and many others. This film has given me the opportunity to enhance my skills, sometimes I even had to go beyond my comfort zone to achieve the best. I would like to thank all the cast and crew members of the film unit, specially to the DOP of the film Mr. Badal Sarkar and a heart full of gratitude towards Ashis Roy, the director, who has given me the opportunity to work in this film and gather some beautiful moments which I can cherish throughout my life. “
Deepak Halder , Actor said “Abul Bashar’s famous novel, Bhorer Prosuti (Birth of a Morning). Huge canvas, .not easy to detain in frames. But director Ashis Roy make this impossible to possible .Sitara One impossible achivement. South’s famous actor Nasser Sahib and Raima Sen acted in this film. Also starer Masood Akhtar, Subrat Dutta, Bangladeshi-famous actors- Fazlur Rahman Babu and Zahid Hasan, and Others.. Thanks to Ashis Roy, to be a part of this journey. Thanks to Technical team for their hard work, except them, it was not possible . Mekhaliganj, small beautiful city. first time at the banks of Tista, thousands of people have seen shooting. It’s happened only for Ashis roy. Our whole team were fascinated by their hospitality. Repetedly I telling, Thanks to Ashis Roy, it’s my pleasure to be part of this film.”
M.Nassar…Kabir Mahajon
Raima Sen… Sitara
Subrat Dutta…Manab Sarkar
Meghna Naidu… Laxmana
Zahid Hasan…Dilu
Fazlur Rahman Babu….Jibon bepary
Masood Akhter… Dr.Mallik
Parthasarathi Deb….Anand Mahajon
Ratan Sarkhel… Nimu
Music Track Listing
1) Song- Din Ashe Din Jay…
Lyrics and Tune- Kalika Prashad Bhattacharya
Music Director-Kalika Prashad Bhattacharya
Singer-Brishtilekha Nandini
2) Song- O mono re, Amar Har hala
Lyrics- Jashim Uddin
Tune- Abbasuddin
Re Arrange- Kalika Prashad Bhattacharya
Singer- Rishi Chakraborty
3) Song- Shan Bandhiya Rakhchi re ghat.
Lyrics-Tarik Tuhin
Music Directior- Emon Shaha
Singer-Dilshad Nahar Kona
4) Song – Bhiti Ache Mati Nai.
Lyrics-Tarik Tuhin
Music Director-Emon Shaha
Singer-Fazlur Rahaman Babu

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