Premiere of Wrong Route- directed by Indrajeet Chakraborty & starring Prity Biswas

Wrong Route is a Bengali movie starring Prity Biswas and Rahul Mazumdar in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Indrajeet Chakraborty.It is a story of gregarious, boisterous loud Roddur, who cares little about what the world thinks of him, someone who even talks to a street dog and spends his time singing songs inspired by Pete Seeger. His life is inspired by Chaplin and Fidel Castro yet condemned by his family and friends as hopeless who can never fulfill his commitments.Roddur had a group of four other friends among whom Preeti was one of them who always took up Roddur’s cause and was much in love with him and then the film shows Roddur’s journey. “I hope people will like my acting as much as they have appreciated my music in the past,” said the singer.

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