Remson Prime unveils new home appliance range for Kolkata

Kolkata, 23 August, 2017: Remson, a well-known name in the home and kitchen appliances market, unveiled its new range of products under the Remson Prime label Along with its new selection of home and kitchen products, under Remson Prime, it has Also introduced an interactive mobile app which would assist its customers through the products’ entire life cycle A perfect blend of high-quality and innovation, Remson Prime caters to the evolving needs of the upwardly mobile Indian consumer and comprises of the entire range of appliances required in a modern day home These include LED lights, water heaters, juicer-mixer-grinder, coil stoves, ovens, tandoors, iron and voltage stabilizers, among others Remson Prime’s newly unveiled range of products will be available at all major retail stores and traditional outlets Eyeing a stronger foothold in the Indian home and kitchen appliances market, Remson Prime plans to make significant investments in expanding its product portfolio to include a wider array of products like LED TVs, washing machines and air-conditioners Besides, the brand is also looking at strengthening its dealership network, approaching and attracting the top dealers in the market under the label of Remson Prime Club Through Remson Prime, the brand aims at expanding its reach the customer base of leading dealers operating in the space. Remson Prime also plans to invest heavily in brand re-development in order to attract and appeal to a wider consumer base by establishing itself as a brand offenng top notch features at an affordable price point. This includes a 360 brand campaign that encompasses major brand recognition and consumer engagement initiatives, supported by a new advertising campaign, a new tagline, a new brand language, design cues and packaging, and ‘Hinglish’ communication for mass appeal. Since 1974, Remson has been redefining the segment with first like extended warranty, at home demos and free installation. Going forward, Remson Prime is looking to build an even larger repertoire of products by introducing products like LED TVs, ACs, washing machines and more, About Remson Prime:The story of Remson dates back to 1974 with the setting up of a manufacturing unit. The journey started with manufacturing electric irons and distributing them in South India and Uttar Pradesh.The company is based in the heart of the national capital Delhi and gradually the company has been expanding its production base, year after year, starting to cater to the markets throughout India under the name Remson Prime. Strengths: The core strengths of Remson Prime are Ethical Business Values, Innovation & Quality and Market Reach. Remson Prime’s existing range of products are supplied & improved every year & simultaneously the company focuses on introduction of new products which the company can easily market The company’s countrywide marketing network enables swift feedback from the customers, which in turn helps in launching new products. The sales & marketing team gathers the valuable feedback from dealers & customers on the new products introduced, gives personal attention to each category of product & also owes due attention to the customers’ demands & needs. The company with its large repertoire of products has been ,lcreasing its presence throughout India. On the export front, the company is shifting its focus on markets where quality products are in demand. Product Range: i:itroducing new products to the current range is a continuous process_ Remson Primp today has a wide range of products: • Water Heaters & Heating Elements • LED Lighting • Fans • Home & Kitchen Appliances • Voltage Stabilizers • LED TV — to be launched soon • Consumer Durables — to be launched soon • Solar system — to be launched soon.

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