Rong Route Music launch

Bony Ganguly, son of Amit Ganguly and Anusuya Ganguly, is a meritorious student. However, music is a part of his life. While his parents want him to finish his MBA and join the family business, Bony has secretly formed a band and wants to pursue music in the long run.

The college has gone gaga over Bony and his band; infact he is the heartthrob of the college.  But Bony has a flaw; he is addicted to bike racing and often gambles in it.

Saloni, Sweety and Titli are fans of Bony; and while Saloni and Sweety want to date him, Titli wants him to hear her sing.

Meanwhile there is trouble brewing at home because Bony’s parents don’t want him to sing anymore. Bony decides to sing one last time but is search for a female voice. When he goes to the college social he comes across Titli singing and realizes that his search has come to an end.

Unfortunately the events take a wild turn when Titli is kidnapped by a bunch of goons. Can Bony save her? Will Titli fulfil her dream of singing with Bony? Come to the theatre to find out more and experience this romantic comedy.


Cast List


Bony Ganguly Rahul Mazumdar
Titli Prity Biswas
Anusuya Ganguly Tulika Basu
Amit Ganguly Kaushik Baneerjee
Ronti Sourav Chatterjee
Saloni Mousumi Bhattacharya





Technical and Creative Support

Director Indrajit Chakraborty
Creative Director Ashok Vishwanathan
Producer Tapas Mazumdar
Executive Producer Sidharth Sarkar
Music Director Dev Sev
Lyricist Goutam Suchmit
Art Director Amit Datta

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