Santoor icon Tarun Bhattacharya in concert at Kolkata

Santoor icon Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya presented a scintillating performance at the Kalamandir recently in the memory of Late Chittaranjan Roy.

Tarun Bhattacharya played Raag Charukeshi and ended the 1 hour recital with his favorite tune Vaishnavo Janatu. Pdt Bhattacharya leaves for a long tour of Europe and followed by USA. 
The maestro played Charukeshi which exemplified a sense of loss and melancholy. Charukesi is known to incite feelings of pathos and devotion in the listener.The trio played Raga Charukeshi in Vilambeet Teentaal and Drut Teentaal with jhala, saath sangat saral jabab  to the packed auditorium. This raga of Carnatic origin is quite popular among instrumentalists. The interaction betweenTarun Bhattacharya and Tabla virtuoso Pdt Abhijit Banerjeee was immensely appreciated by the entire audience. 

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