Senco Gold & Diamonds launches " Mayurakshi Collection"

The collection consisting of chains, Cufflinks and Kurta Buttons was launched by Mayurakshi star Prosenjit Chatterjee alongside Mr. Shaankar Sen, Managing Director, Senco Gold & Diamonds. Starring Prosenjit Chatterjee & veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee, Mayurakshi is an intense journey of a 84-year-old father and his middle aged son who is settled in USA and visits his father in India for a 5 days span. Story narrates the emotional attachment and relationship values involved between them. Speaking at the launch, Prosenjit Chatterjee said “My upcoming movie narrates a tale of emotional attachment behind a relationship, How father and son, both are emotionally close despite staying far away from each other. Each Bengali also has emotional attachment with jewellery.

I am delighted to launch the Vaytiraksiii Collection” which is designed in sync with the movie theme. It’s an Indo-western collection that anyone can wear in everyday life, I congratulate Senco Gold & Diamonds for coming up with a new range of men’s collection which is affordable for the masses as well as elegant in design
Shaankar Sen, Managing Director, Senco Gold & Diamonds, said: “The `Mayurokshi Collection’ range is a part of our Men’s collection and it has been designed to reflect the emotional attachment behind every relationship. It’s an Indo-Western jewellery collection which can be used in daily life as well as in parties. Products like-Chains, Cufflinks and Kurta buttons are on demand since ages and we recreated the design keeping in mind the youth fashion trend.
About Senco Gold & Diamonds Senco Gold & Diamonds, founded in the year 1935 by late Sri MC Sen is one of the oldest jewellery organizations in India. Headquartered in Kolkata, Senco Gold & Diamonds has 87 stores spread across India and is the largest jewellery retail chain from Eastern India. Senco Gold & Diamonds has an array of products on offer for every occasion, with more than 10,000 new designs being developed every year. Their popular Everlite Collection has exquisitely designed light-weight jewellery available at extremely affordable prices. Senco Gold & Diamonds exports to countries like USA, UK, Singapore and Middle East.

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