SENZENCLICK Online Services Pvt. Ltd. recently launched CLICKCART

By Maihyan Chakraborty & Clicked by Mrityunjoy Roy :- SENZENCLICK Online Services Pvt. Ltd. recently launched CLICKCART,

which consists of some upgraded product which is keeping in mind the enormous potentials and possibilities to develop and expand technical knowledge and logistics support in India & South
Asia, in the presence of Actor Arjun Chakrabarti, Director Raja Sen, Mr.Sanjay Srivastava, Mr. Susanta Dayan,Chairman and M.D., Mr. Palash Jyoti & Mr. Chinmoy Sarkar M.D., followed by a gala performence by DJ Nilosree, Jyoti, DJ Merlin, Benzir Kazi and DJ Vyass at the pool side of Hotel Pride Plaza in New Town. The entire event was brilliantly organised by Mr. Amit Sarkar of INNOVATIVE Event Management & Creative Media.

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