Set Visit of Aakash Aath’s ‘Gandariya’ Season-2

Aakash Aath will be hosting a beautiful musical programme, Gandariya. This is the second season of the programme. The first season was a massive hit, which followed in the making of the Season 2. The concept of the programme unlike the previous season has been changed a bit and now it covers almost every genres of music. The various genres include Rabindra Sangeet, Folk Music, Retro Music, Old Bengali Melodies etc. There will be special performances on mashups. The programme will render tribute to the legend composers, music directors, lyricists and will also be a platform for showcasing various exclusive theme-based performances like, ‘sound of bengal’, ‘qawali with baul’, ‘brishtir gaan’, ‘hashir gaan’ and more.

The performances to participate in the show are singers like Haimanti Shukla, Monamay Bhattacharya, Jayati Chakraborty, Raghab Chatterjee, Pt. Tanmoy Bose, Iman Chakraborty, Jojo among others and new generation singers like Adriza, Rishi, Tirtha, Shovan, Pratik Chowdhury etc. The Director of the show is Sugoto Chatterjee and Music Director is Rathijit Bhattacharjee.

This programme will be aired from 24th May, 2018, every Thursday to Saturday from 9:30pm.

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