Shaadilogy presents 'The Trousseau Closet 2018

Shaadilogy is the brainchild of Aayshya Jhunjhunwala and Vasundhara Mantri. is a curated portal which presents a one-of-a-kind Designer and Wedding
Shopping experience, a Designer Concierge and also a unique Gift Registry and a Gifting
Store, along with several tools that make wedding shopping and planning enjoyable. This
online platform is designed such that it is the betrothal between science and art of wedding
shopping and planning. It is India’s best curated online wedding shopping and planning
experience for those getting married, and anyone attending weddings. Shaadilogy also
offers tailor-made wedding planning and management tools through their app – Shaadilogy
Event – available on the App Store and Google Play. In addition to online shopping,
Shaadilogy also organizes exclusive trunk shows featuring the latest choicest apparel,
accessories, jewellery and gifts, from renowned designers.
Vasundhara Mantri:
Vasundhara : Creative Jewelry blends together fashion and trends of different worlds, which
produces an unalloyed beauty – A quintessential piece of art, craft and skill.
Her collections ‘Reverence’ and ‘YelloWood’ are unique for their intricate detailing and use of
variegated textures and finishes to authentically capture various elements.
As the name suggests, ‘Reverence’ is as much a tribute to the ultimate force, as it is a token
of gratitude to creativity itself and the art form that the designer is so passionate about.
Drawing inspiration from Indian origin flowers that are typically offered to deities, this
collection is unique for its intricate detailing and use of variegated textures and finishes to
authentically capture various elements. Her latest collection – YelloWood
Rimzim Dadu:
Rimzim Dadu the brand is a living archive of the designers innovation through surface
textures, discarding convention the design philosophy is a homage to traditional techniques
and materials by way of deconstruction, re-engineering and assembly. The brand is used as
her playground for experimentation of surface developments and allowing her vision to take
tactile forms. The design philosophy is lead by instinct which lends an alternative
perspective to the use of traditional materials by the way of unorthodox yet intuitive hand
craft techniques and vice versa. Often this involves deconstruction, modification and
reassembly into a new form. Common design details feature micro elements being enlarged
into macro proportions or on a similar strain printed patterns being built into three
dimensional surfaces.
Divyam Mehta:
Known for his avant-garde designs and curious ideas, Divyam Mehta is a Delhi-based fashion
designer who has won various accolades ever since he charmed the world with his debut at
the Will’s India Fashion Week in March 2010. A melange of diverse traditions from India as

well as the rest of the world, his designs are an ode to the modern man. His latest
collection The Black Monk is his successful attempt at providing adequate vision to the ideas
in his mind. It draws inspiration from the layering and draping styles of the Buddhist Monks
in predominantly black and cement grey colours. The Black Monk is a deeply rooted
collection; it blends a Japanese technique of dying with inspiration from the works of French
artist Jean Degottex.
Anand Bhushan:
His collection of evening wear for spring-summer, which was all about whites and pastel
shades. Pants and tops in metallic shades added a bit of shimmer to an otherwise subtle
collection. This collection was from our Spring-Summer 2018 line which takes inspiration
from the flora and fauna of northern Italy. I work with progressive textures and that was
visible in the show.
Aditi Somani:
Aditi Somani’s specialty is international cuts adorned with Indian embellishments. The
ornamentation is done by skilled artisans from around the country. Aditi’s designs are
informed by her ability to draw inspiration from her surroundings. She sees huge potential in
the growing fashion industry. The garments are stitched from the finest silks, georgettes,
crepes, velvets and many more materials sourced from different parts of India. The designs
are confident and graceful with traditional embroidery in contemporary placements. The
warm, deep colors with bold cuts give you that regal, timeless feel. The finished products
reflect Aditi’s creativity at its best. The launch of the Aditi Somani line is the culmination of her
creativity, talent and desire to be in the A league of fashion designers.
Zoraya founded by Seema Agarwal and Creative Director Dipti Sawardekar, is a bespoke line
of contemporary Indianwear for today’s new age woman. A label pays homage to artisanal
craftsmanship from all across the country. Zoraya which means ‘New Dawn’, is a fresh take
on Indian aesthetics’, married with a versatile approach to classic Indian wear, while
maintaining artisanal techniques and integrity. This is what we call the “labor of love”.
Artistic inspiration drawn from Rajasthani palace décor; from arches, ceramics to mosaics
are all styles and embodied in traditional Indian technique of pittan, marodi, zardozi, aari,
dori and heavy pearl embroidery. Zoraya uses exceptional craftsmanship and the best
grades of fabrics to create distinct pieces with nest of nishing. With each detail in the
garments unfolds a story, adapting with ease to her modern life today. Zoraya believes in
designing for the Indian woman’s closet, anywhere around the world.
Shefali Rawat Agarwal:
SHEFALI RAWAT AGARWAL’s eponymous label exudes style, elegance and beauty. From an
11th generation jeweller family of jaipur, Shefali has been in the trade for over a decade
now. Her current collection consists of Chaandbalas,Cocktail rings, Chandelier earrings,
embellished with uncut diamonds, rare Basras, emeralds and Pastel Shades Enamelling, for
the modern woman. The collection seamlessly combines classic designs with modern art to

create jewelry that makes a resplendent statement. Also introducing our fine jewellery line
for kids – LITTLE CARATS.
Esha Sethi Thirani:
Esha Sethi Thirani specializes in bespoke fashion and women’s ready to wear. The brand’s
design inspiration emanates mainly from shape, architecture, and colour and the collections
are defined by Thirani’s artistic eye, attention to detail and design sensibility. The label
maintains it’s aesthetics by creating pieces that are timeless and empowering with a
refreshing sense of simplicity while also retaining wearability. Each creation focuses on
flattering the woman’s body with special emphasis on tailoring and fit. The collections are
synonymous of effortless luxury which is presented through the marriage of contemporary
silhouettes with hints of traditional embroidery.
431-33 | ShwetaKapur:
431-88 is a label for the ‘Contemporary Woman’, who embraces her femininity with an
allusion of a sporty style, with contemporary sporty wear. In every piece, Traditional Seams
and Darts are manipulated, to achieve a constrained distortion. Some of the trademark
styles of brand 431-88, inspired by Traditional Indian Drapes, include Skirts and Palazzos
with a different twist for each season. Collection 11 takes inspiration from the Modern
Gypsy, romantically embodying the idea of the free spirit. Symbolic of nomadic escapism,
the references both creatively and conceptually hint at the spirit of freedom that the 431-88
Woman possesses.
Vedika M:
Vedika M epitomizes chic and fun prêt couture. Our quirky designs, captured in vibrant
hues, are perfectly tailored to give you a comfortable yet memorable style statement. Each
garment is carefully hand painted and block printed at our in-house textile unit. We believe
in a one-design-per-style philosophy, so we create limited pieces of each style to ensure that
your Vedika M attire is iconically yours!
Kokommo is a luxury accessory brand that offers timeless styles and contemporary classics.
Quirky totes and stunning, beautifully bejewelled evening clutches.
Ankita Saraf is a Delhi based upcoming designer who is the talk of the town. Her collection
indulges in western wear majorly. She presents an array of gowns and dresses best suited
for the urban woman.

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