Softbank Robotics Europe Selects Cognizant for Quality Assurance of Artificial Intelligence Systems in Pepper and NAO Humanoid Robots

SoftBank Robotics Europe, a leader in humanoid robotics, to provide Quality Engineering and Assurance (QE&A) services for the artificial intelligence (AI) systems in the popular Pepper and NAO robots. Cognizant’s expertise ensures high quality machine-human interactions and will enable SoftBank Robotics Europe to scale production to meet rising global demand in sectors such as retail, healthcare, tourism and education.

Cognizant’s QE&A engineers dedicated to AI, based in Grenoble, France, will develop a standardised testing protocol for the NAOqi operating system — the two robots’ “brains” — as well as their default applications for speech recognition, movement perception and obstacle and collision avoidance, to ensure optimal performance. Cognizant will also provide testing services for the development toolkit and content management system, as well as testing applications developed by partners, to ensure conformity to rules and policies throughout SoftBank Robotics Europe’s entire value chain.

Cognizant’s advanced testing capabilities will also enable SoftBank Robotics Europe to develop apps more quickly, allowing their Pepper and NAO robots to be even more intuitive, agile and personalized. Today, these robots are mainly being used in shops and public places to welcome, inform and entertain customers, and in educational settings, such as helping children to learn in a unique and fun way.

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