Special Rice and Roti Dinner Platter at We.Desi

By Shilpita Karmakar & Clicked By Suhrid Ghosh :- We.Desi – Modern Indian comfort food restaurant is delighted to present the  Special Rice Roti dinner Platter from  March 28th onwards with a range of 6  never-before-tasted variant of delicious veg & non – veg Rice and Roti platter.

We. Desi, is introducing six non-veg and six veg Special Rice Roti dinner Platter with a quirky twist to its taste by adding new elements to well-known recipes. Therefore, watch out for the Mutton Buara Kebab,kerala Prawn Moilee, Kolkata doi mach in non veg and Vilayati subz, Amritsari Pindi chole in veg. These delicious desi platters containing both rice and roti will definitely spice up taste buds of all food-lovers in a pocket friendly way.

 Speaking about the platter, the owner Shivangi  Bhambani says, “Amazing mouth watering platter  containing both rice and roti we are introducing for all our city food-lovers. Veg and non-veg both will be available in six different ranges which is pocket friendly and something new to the city.”


We.Desi, the perfect Modern Indian Comfort Food Gastro-pub has already placed themselves in the heart of people of Kolkata. At We.desi, in our own small way we thought we could contribute to the capture of memory. An amalgamation of our favourite meals from all over the country- Butter Chicken from Punjab, Mutton Vindaloo from Goa, Kashmiri Dum Aloo, Kolkata Macher Jhol; the perfect Indian Comfort Food Bistro. Spice infused cocktails specific to the distinct flavour of every state. Everything from the décor to the street food concoctions beckons to those who want to be inspired and immersed in a sensational culinary experience without the fuss of formal dining.

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