Sri M unveiled his book ‘Shunya’ at Kolkata

Sri M unveiled his book ‘Shunya’ at Kolkata recently

Be it Brahmagupta or Aryabhatta, Indians were credited by many schools of thought as the inventor of Zero or ‘Shunya” and thereby making greatest contribution to mathematics and science. So many years down the road, another Indian has made an attempt to define and otherwise ‘undefined’ Shunya, albeit using his literary acumen.

Quite like the invention of zero, ‘Shunyo’, the maiden published novel by Sri M, founder of The Satsang Foundation, is bound to open a Pandora’s Box and spark off more debates than one. Sri M, born as Mumtaz Ali Khan and now a spiritual leader and Yogi, has penned this metaphysical novel out of a deep pains and a feeling of being disturbed over some of the recent developments in the Indian society, Sri M himself said.

“Why are there so much of anger, so much of hatred, so much of intolerance in the minds of the people in a country, whose basic firmament and fundamental philosophy is to make the whole universe its own?”, quips Sri M. Shunya Swami, the fish-eating chief protagonist in the novel, also goes through the same anguish and pangs and tries to resolve such social crisis in his own way. The life style of the Swami, who appears from nowhere and disappears as suddenly as he appears, eats fish merrily, chooses to stay just next to a Toddy shop, plays instrumental role in the wedding of a Muslim boy with a Hindu girl, takes on an unscrupulous Father Samuel and his agent Ouseph and another Tantrik, itself sends out a strong social message.

Shunya, a Novel, published by Westland Publications, narrates what the author feels deep down and wants to tell the world. “It was a conscious effort on my part to choose to say what I want to tell the world in the form of a fiction, because a fiction always has a stronger impact and much more effective than any other forms of preaching,” said Sri M.

Sri M, said that Shunya Swami in his novel is not ‘nothing’, but ‘no-thing’, a thing that cannot be defined, which in turn, gave him some kind of liberty to say whatever he feels, candidly.

Shunya Swami may have disappeared suddenly in his first novel but will come back in the book’s sequel-maybe in a different garb, in a different country! So watch this space.

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