Sukanya – the girl who can change your idea

As per sukanya told our representative she want to shine from the deep of her heart and also to serve Bengal by her talent.

Name :- Sukanya Mukherjee

Aim:- I just want to be a happy person and live my life with the loved ones around me. I want to take the last breath of my life without any regret and a smile on my face.

Hobbies :-Singing, handcrafts, social work

Why in the Glamour field:- Since I was a kid I’ve always loved being on the stage, getting clicked and receiving applauses. It’s a platform where you can connect with hundreds, share love and happiness and bring a smile on their faces as well.

From where you get inspiration?

not anyone in particular but so many people I see everyday who overcome all their problems and still stand strong, trying to do well in life and live happily.

So she needs some blessings from you all to be the best in her life

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