Supposedly the Biggest Season of Game of Throne is Nothing But a Joke?

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Almost 2 years now since season 7 ended. Fans were crazy about the great battle. Show producers did an excellent job holding back any kind of spoilers. This season also falls in par with season 7; With an anomaly of 6 episodes. The cast and crew were really happy about the job and they released statements that the series is a wrap. All left are the CGI and other works.

With much anticipation GOT finally releases it’s trailer. The trailer had a subtle sense of thrill as it ended with the touch of the Walkers. Fans were now getting very impatient, they wanted the battle soon. However, on recent interviews with the cast of the show, they revealed their opinion on the final season. Emilia Clarke, playing the role of Daenerys Targeryn had a very sour face when she mockingly said it is the best season so far. Actor Kit Harrington, when being asked about the season finale, he promptly replied, “Disappointing!” And then changes it into epic.

When fans saw these reactions, perhaps they got even more thrilled. Maybe because they thought it is going to be shocking. However, things didn’t go down as planned by the team. As ratings suggests, this final Game of Thrones Season is the worst season in the shows history. Is it true?

Lets now go through each one of the episodes so far, from season 8.

Episode 1 – “Winterfell”

Quite a decent start to the show. Not perhaps as brilliant as the perfectly executed S2 and S4. The episode starts with a great cinematic view. The cinematographers did a brilliant job. The story was direct. The producers made the unveiling of all big secrets in a single episode. Now, that is some job, because we all know how hard it gets when the major plot around which the story revolves is already played. Most shows don’t do quite well, because they have nothing much left to do. However, GOT as we all know is an expert in this job and lots of times things like this has happened. But, who knew this time GOT were just clueless or they just wanted to get done with the show. Visually, the episode was really gloomy and didn’t have a good vibe to it. Watching it felt like watching a black and white romantic movie.

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