All India March 2018: It’s time to say Kanpai or cheers in Japanese,as The Fatty Bao –the Asian Gastrobar, is taking the meticulously crafted, traditional sushi roll and unrolling it this summer. ‘Sushi Unrolled’ plays out at The Fatty Bao in Kolkata, Mumbai (Powai, Andheri, Bandra & Lower Parel) and Bangalore from March 22- April 8th, 2018.This is an18-day promotion of 14 different kinds of sushi,presented in an array of innovative interpretations, presentations and flavour combinations. Choose from a sandwich sushi, to a pita pocket version to a taco style one.Anticipate the good ol’ sushi with more than a dash of fun and in forms and shapes that you probably wouldn’t quite expect. We’d love for you to try some. Perhaps a slice of sushi pizza to get you started! From the Smoked Mackerel Sandwich Sushi to a Hybrid Vegetarian Pizza Sushi toa fiery Shrimp Pita Pocket to a Fried Eggplant Taco Sushia whole new unique epicurean experience awaits you. So without much ado, just dig in with your chopsticks! Here is the perfect excuse to feast on an incredible selection of sushi like never before. You can eat your way through this menu created by Executive Chef Prashanth andencourage your friends and family to get experimental with sushi too! The specialist sushi chefs roll out a uniquemenu through the week over lunch and dinner for the entire duration of the promotion.Delicate sushi in different shapes and sizes, an amazing array of toppings and fillings and unconventional presentations, is what makes this menu fun, cool and exciting!

su·shi (so͞o′shē) noun. Cold cooked rice dressed with vinegar that is shaped into pieces and topped with raw or cooked fish, or formed into a roll with fish, egg, or vegetables and often wrapped in seaweed. We take that concept and extend it with different interpretations and presentations. “For a meal that seems so simple, sushi seems to intimidate even its most loyal fans. While sushi has morphed into many different forms and shapes around the world, it remains the most popular Japanese food and there’s so much to explore in this delicacy. What we have tried to do with the promotion is make it more fun and experimenting with different forms, ingredients, flavours hitherto unexplored. ” said Chef Prashanth, Executive Chef, The Fatty Bao. ‘Sushi Unrolled’ at The Fatty Bao celebrates this very artful simplicity of sushi and showcases the wonderful creation in different forms and shapes- from a taco to a pizza to a sandwich and a pita pocket inspired Sushi.

Pizza Sushiis the first sushi unrolled and complete with a sushi rice pizza base. Inspired by the world’s most popular food and The Fatty Bao’s most popular offering, Pizza Sushi might just become the next big thing. You can try the Hybrid Vegetarian Pizza Sushiwith fried asparagus, cream cheese mayo, wakame, crispy nori, avocado, mint tempura, takuan and pickled ginger topping on the sushi rice pizza base; or then order a Cross-bred Tuna Pizza Sushi with yuzu marinated thin slices of tuna, jalapeño, cream cheese mayo, tobiko, fried capers and mustard cress.

Then comes the Sandwich Sushi – where we‘re swapping the sushi mat for a banana leaf, and traditional sushi Sasa Zushi.Anticipate sushi rice with toppings and condiments. It’s awesomeness in every piece. Here you can order Rainbow Spin Sandwich Sushi withmarinated slices of vegetables with sriracha and tomato caviar. The Pita Pocket Sushi or Inari sushi could very well be the pita pocket’s Japanese cousin. Expect sushi rice wrapped in seasoned, deep fried tofu pockets. Try the The Progressive VegetarianPita Pocket Sushi with miso lotus root, smoked spicy tofu, cucumber and sweet potato crisp or the Fiery Shrimp Roll CrossoverPita Pocket Sushiwith spicy motoyaki sauce, poached shrimp, tenkasu and cherry radish or then the The Liberal TobimayoPita Pocket Sushi with crab meat, tobiko mayo, chives, shallots, bonito flakes, avocado, crispy gari and prawn crackers.

It takes two sushi to taco. Sushi takes on an all new form (and Mexico), and Sushi Tacos were born! Order one of the following for sure.  The Inter-house Fried Eggplant Taco Sushi with Chilli miso, cucumber, radish and fried garlic chips orCross-bred Spicy Salmon Taco Sushi with Sriracha mayo, spicy salmon, yuzu salsa, tobiko and avocado or the Fried Fish Combo Taco Sushi with Freshly fried fish, jalapeño mayo, orange ponzu, crispy shallots and cress. And finally wrapping up ‘Sushi Unrolled’, is a roll!  We’ve got the Hosomaki sushi – rolled, fried, sliced and topped with cheese. You might know this as Neta. Either way, you’ll love it. Pick from a selection that includes Grilled soy braised wild mushrooms and cheese Hosamaki Teriyaki Chicken & Togarashi Hosamaki, Spicy Tempura Fried Prawns Hosamaki and Cheesy B**f.

Drop in to The Fatty Bao, for an incredible sushi experience. Prices range from INR 395 to INR 645 and are available in vegetarian and non – vegetarian options along with a variety of cool cocktails to opt for from the amazing bar menu.   The trendy, chic, Asian Gastrobar, The Fatty Bao, which has become a favourite among diners, is the perfect destination for a quick lunch, a leisurely afternoon or an evening get-together with friends, al fresco dining, cool cocktails or just a relaxed evening by the bar. It blends a chic, laid-back vibe with an amazing cocktail and cuisine offering that draws inspiration from Asia’s vast and diverse culinary history.

Quick Facts

Wallet Factor:  Meal for two without alcohol, excluding taxes Rs.1500 ++/Meal for two including alcohol, excluding taxes Rs. 1900++


The Fatty Bao, Kolkata

#801, Fort Knox, 6, Camac Street, Kolkata.Call: 033 46022744

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