‘Swachcha Nirmal Sustha Bangla Award 2018’ takes place amidst much fanfare

 In support of the pledge for Nirmal Bangla Mission by the Government of West Bengal, Healthetc. a premier healthcare chain from the Daffodil Group, whose mission is to bring world class health services to common people and an efficient health care delivery model to provide access to quality health care at reasonable costs, organised the Puja Parikrama amidst much fanfare to mark the second edition of Swachcha Nirmal Sustha Bangla Award 2018. The evening saw eminent names from various walks of life like actors Srijit Mukherjee, Anindya Chatterjee, Tanusree Chakraborty, Rajatava Dutta, Arpita Chatterjee, Sauraseni Maitra, Sohini Sarkar, Isha Saha, Anindita Bose, Pujarini Ghosh, Sanjana Banerjee, Aniruddh Chakladar, Sudeshna Chatterjee, Madhumanti Maitra who attended the Puja Parikrama as the jury panel led by Mr. Sanjay Saraf, Chairman, HealthetcMr. Harshvardhan Saraf, Director, Healthetcand Mr. Yashvardhan Saraf, Director Healthetc.

Taking a step ahead from the regular awards on creativity and popularity, Swachcha Nirmal Sustha Bangla Award has already created an undeniable mark since last year by awarding the most socially responsible puja with extra effort towards, safety, security, cleanliness, hygiene and most importantly health. Mr. Harshvardhan Saraf, Director, Healthetc., Creating a clean, Pure & Healthy Bengal is the main object of this movement. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Durga Pujo is a medium to connect with masses and make them believe in the same. It’s a celebration for youngsters, sit’s a celebration for elders, it’s a celebration for disabled, it’s a celebration for all! SNSB aims in connecting every part of society and create a sacred bonding. Giving back to the society, giving back to the environment is the call of the day.   Thus we have come up with this initiative which we believe will help champion the cause of being Transparent, Clean, Healthy and above all to be ‘Inclusive’ while we embrace our biggest festival.” 





Environment Friendliness Health and Hygiene Awareness
v Cleanliness

v Use of environment friendly materials and biodegradable products (Ex. Traditional clay as against baked clay and plaster of Paris, water soluble colour and non-toxic natural dyes, usage restriction on thermocol or any other non-bio-degradable item, eco-friendly lighting with lower emissions and lower power consumption, banana leaves, paper plates or clay plates for distribution of Prasad)

v  Effective consumption of Natural resources such as Power, Water, Air Ventilation

v  Noise/ Sound Pollution

v  Afforestation (Planting tree/ saplings in your area)

v  Environmental awareness

v  Engagement Program for children (Ex. Sit and Draw, Quiz Contest)

v  Safe Drinking water

v  Permutation & Awareness of detrimental diseases (Ex. Dengue)

v  First Aid facility

v  Arrangements of dustbins

v  Hygiene & Quality of food stalls

v  Helping elderly and seek people

v  Toilet facility

v  Sports and well-being initiative


Safety Arrangements


Social Responsibility

v  Mob management and arrangements of volunteers and security guards

v  Fire safety arrangements

v  Woman safety & Arrangement of women volunteers

v  CCTV & Surveillance

v  Smooth traffic management and road safety

v  Visitors help desk and information centre

v  Direction signage and area map

v  Social care while placing the stair handle of the pandals and wooden platform

v  Proper flooring arrangements

v  Creating social awareness

(on healthy environment)

v  Donation and charity

v  Disaster Management and Relief initiatives

v  Any other social activity

v  Medical Camps

v  Sobuj- Shilpi

v  Eco-friendly and socially driven theme

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