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মানুষের সাথে, মানুষের পাশে


Taco Bellthe world’s largest Mexican-inspired restaurant chain, announced that the brand, in collaboration with its franchisee, Burman Hospitality Private Limited (BHPL) is continuing its major global expansion with the signing of its largest master franchise agreement.

By 2029, India will be home to more than 600 Taco Bell restaurants, making it Taco Bell’s largest market outside of the United States. The deal would also make Burman Hospitality Private Limited one of the largest Taco Bell franchisees globally by store count.

“India is a massive opportunity market for Taco Bell. We are delighted to have partners of the caliber of Burman Hospitality, who have spearheaded this growth and will now be our Master Franchisee. The brand is well positioned and now on track to be one of the largest markets for Taco Bell outside of North America, with plans to reach 600 restaurants over the next decade. We thank our fans and cannot wait to take Taco Bell to many more cities across the country”, said Ankush Tuli, Managing Director, Taco Bell APAC

The Southern California headquartered brand entered India in 2010, opening its doors first in Bangalore. Burman Hospitality Private Limited became a key partner in 2015.

Gaurav Burman, Director, Burman Hospitality Private Limited said, “BHPL’s journey which began in 2015, has been extremely successful and rewarding, largely due to the extraordinary efforts from the amazing teams at Taco Bell, BHPL, and the rest of our key partners who work diligently behind the scenes. We believe Taco Bell has proved it is a highly respected brand in India that consistently delivers innovative, quality meals at affordable prices. Hence, we are immensely excited to take our partnership with Taco Bell to the next stage and become their Master Franchisee for India. We are hugely grateful for the partnership and are thrilled to have the opportunity to build what we believe is the world’s most exciting QSR brand here in India.”

Over the last few years, the brand, along with franchise partner BHPL, has opened 35 restaurants across 11 cities in India. Known for its innovative, craveable, and value driven offerings, Taco Bell offers made-to-order Mexican-inspired food with bold flavours, quality ingredients, and best in class customer service.

The extensive menu includes signature vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes ranging from tacos, to burritos, and more. The brand is known for its iconic product offerings including the Crunchy Taco, 7 Layer Burrito, Chalupa, and the more recent Naked Chicken Taco. Taco Bell has also come out with several India specific innovations like the Crispy Potaco and the Tikka Masala Burrito.

Globally, Taco Bell has been showing signs of strong development. Most recently, the brand opened for the first time in Bangkok, Thailand, adding to its list of nearly 30 markets outside of the United States. Taco Bell operates over 500 restaurants across these markets, and operates over 7,000 restaurants in the United States.

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