The 6th Annual Astrological Confernce & Convocation

The 6th Annual Astrological Conference & Convocations Monday, 31 July, 2017 at Mahajati Sadan.  Shri Moloy Ghatak , Hon’ble Minister- in- Charge, Labour & ESI Deptt., Government of West Bengal, Hon’ble  Justice  Shri Prithwiraj Sen, who is also eminent writer, Shri Pronob Kr. Sen, Chairman, State Law Commission and Shri  Ashesh Deb, Hon’ble MLA will graced the occasion.

Many other dignataries, Eminent Astrologers, Educationists and Men of Letters   delivered their scholarly lectures and participated in discourse on Astrological Science and allied Subjects.

The truth relating to the various tributaries of Astrology as stored is Sanskrit literature, Vedas, Vedanta, Jyotis and Vastu Shastra, the rich products of the human pursuit of Universal Knowledge would come to limelight during this Confernce.

The main objective of organizing this Conference was to development of Astrology and other subjects pertaining to Oriental Learning.

Speaking on the occasion Raj Jyotish Shri Animesh Shastri said “ We are doing this type of event to give the scientific  approach to astrology and to get rid  non-qualified astrologer .

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