“The Door Bell”-by Rahul Choudhury

Abinitio Entertainments presents “The Door Bell”, by Rahul Choudhury, a spine-chilling psychological thriller, revolving round Geeta, a strange woman suffering from paranoia and partial amnesia. According to Geeta, her mother-in-law has passed away. And her husband is “allergic” to living with her in the same apartment. But no one really knows much about them. Now, Geeta lives alone in an unkempt apartment with an uncanny indifference towards her surroundings. She keeps ordering the same food items over and over again, forgetting she has ordered them already. She gets suspicious whenever someone rings her doorbell. But one day, she gets terrified as she notices a severed human hand lying on the ground. She screams and slowly curls up in a corner as someone keeps ringing her doorbell…
But who is on the other side of the door? Whose chopped hand did Geeta see? And why, as Geeta says, is her husband “allergic” to living with her? Is Geeta in danger or is she the danger herself?
To find the answers to these compellingly disturbing questions, one must watch “The Door Bell”, an exemplary work of cinematic art that successfully treats the theme of horror and human complexities in a contemporary set-up, giving its viewers a blood-curdling chill. Having been released on Youtube, “The Door Bell”, as a short film, speaks volumes in just about 12 minutes, perfectly balancing the elements of suspense and shock, thereby having over 170,000 viewers within just a few weeks!
To watch the movie click on the following link

Story, Screenplay and Direction by Rahul Choudhury
Titas Bandyopadhyay as Geeta
Anindya Sundar Roy as Satyabrata Samanta
Anindya Gupta as Police Officer
Ankur Roy as Delivery Boy
DOP – Avi Bandyopadhyay
Sound – Suchisuvro Sen
Music – Megh Banerjee

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