The Gentlemen’s Club

Event: Centre Stage Creations present The Gentlemen’s Club’

Hindi play

Date: 4th November 2017 (Saturday)

 Time: 6.30 pm

Venue: GD Birla Sabhagar (29, Ashutosh Chodhary Avenue, Near Ballygung Post office, Ballygunge, South, Kolkata)

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Ticket price: 300 – Rs. 1500

About the play – 

The Gentlemen’s Club AKA Tape

Set in the thriving underground club scene in Mumbai. This show follows the lives of various drag kings who perform in the city. The main act is that of Rocky aka Shammsher. Rocky pays homage to Shammi Kapoor and that golden era of Hindi cinema. Joined by a motley crew of women who revel in drag performance this cabaret like show takes the audience into a grimy secret world that gives you the license to be whoever you want.

Using dance, music and some amount of projection, this show weaves an exciting and provocative tale of women and their celebration of masculinity.


In most cities that have a thriving queer culture, one is familiar with the notion of a Drag Queen. But Drag Kings are rare. The wonderful thing about drag is that it is essentially a celebration, be it of femininity or masculinity. So we, at Patchworks Ensemble wanted to explore the notion of drag in an Indian context. We began by imagining a fictions under-ground queer movement in the city of Mumbai. In our show it is a given that there are many drag clubs that opening embrace this art form. With that as our building blocks we began to image what this world would look like. The push and pull of being an artist in this environment. The Gentlemen’s Club is a hot-pot of vintage Bollywood, drag and a uniqueness of identity with is not only accepted but celebrated.

  • Sheena Khalid (part of the devising team)


Puja Sarup, Sheena Khalid, Rachel Dsouza, Mukti Mohan, Ratnabali Bhattacharjee

Dheer Hira
Vikram Phukan
Soni Birpal Kumar

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