The George Telegraph Training Institute 100 years of Shaping Careers

The George Telegraph Training Institute 100 years of Shaping Careers

A pathway has been created to stay connected with students through online classes
and admission procedure. Crisis and pandemic changed existing pattern of
activities since March 2020. George Telegraph continues to train itself with new
systems and procedures to face new nature of challenges. Opportunity creation,
skill enhancement and job ready since 1920 has been the motto of Haripada Dutta,
the founder. He was encouraged by his teacher Mr. George to start a training
institute and to help youths skilled in wireless telegraphy, the market was ready
with jobs but skill was lacking. Haripada Dutta thus started a vocational training
institute in Sealdah. Students got engaged in Indian Navy, Railways, Police,
Defense services on completion of the course.
Knowledge enhancement at George Telegraph is not confined to books only,
practical classes and hands on experience make learning interesting. New courses
got introduced to suit contemporary job demand. Industry associates projected
arrival of new companies in India with increased demand for candidates in the new
normal times. George Telegraph with its network of seventy training centres
imparting courses on over eighty courses shall fulfill the requirement.
The journey to “Shape Careers” and “Change Lives” continues as it turns hundred.
George Telegraph shall remain a dependable source for skilled employees for
employers from various sectors. Popular courses, appreciated by industries being
Automobile Engineering, A/C Refrigeration Engineering, Electrical technician,

Computer Hardware Engineering and Networking, Electronics and
Telecommunications Engineering, Mobile Repairing technician, Computer
Software, Interior Designing, Data Science, Beauty and Wellness, Paramedical
courses. George Telegraph has association with various multinationals and they
train students to suit their requirement. The George Telegraph has nineteen
verticals which train students in non vocational field of study. To name some,
George College, George College of Management and Science, George College
Department of Education, George School of Law, Little Georgians, George
Telegraph Institute of Accounts, George Animatrix, George School of Competitive
Exams, George Telegraph Centre of Paramedical Science, George Telegraph Film
and Television Institute.
Beyond education George Telegraph has a sports club of repute affiliated to IFA.
The football team plays against East Bengal and Mohun Bagan in premium
division of Calcutta Football League.. It plays in CAB”s First Division cricket
George Telegraph, the vision of Haripada Dutta has efficient administrators who
has groomed themselves to assure youths proper training that leads to better job
and good life.

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