Kolkata, February 5, 2019, By Deepshikha Sarkar :- The Andhra Arts and Crafts Hotel, world’s first handicrafts hotel launches in Vizag, India to serve the various tradition of the state just within the rooms. It is a heritage wing of the Palm Beach Hotel, a sister concern of Le Sutra, Mumbai.
The new wing, consisting of around 70 sculptures and 50 art installations has been exclusively designed and themed on four famous craft forms of Andhrapradesh like Etikoppaka toys, which have been used in the rooms themed on Ettikopaka which have a colonial bed named Pandirimancham. The Etikoppaka pillars have been customised into the headboard, bench or sofa and wardrobe and study table as well, along with the cane weaving and wood carvings.
The Kalamkari art, behind the headboard, the wardrobe or bench in each room taking traditional motifs into ocean related scenes with animals and people using bright colours gives a glimpse of the underwater world like feeling.
The Brassware rooms have the headboard inspired from the temple sculptures of women adorned with jewellery. The bench or sofa is the highlight of the rooms inspired by the traditional “Uyala” and the wardrobe are adorned with brass ell and unique handles with exciting colours which make the brass stand out.
The rooms designed on Tholu Bommalata art are inspired from the “Jatara” or the festival to showcase the traditional puppet dance. The headboard are made to look like an actual theatre backdrop complete with rising curtains and theatre lights.
Even the washrooms and the room number plates have a touch of similar architecture.
“With the Andhra Arts and Crafts Hotel our aim is to create the #HeartOfAndhra within Vizag and give our guests a curated experience of Andhrapradesh…”, says Sandeep Reddy, the General Manager of the Andhra Arts and Crafts Hotel.
However, the property has joined the ranks of the 50 art hotels the world over. It has launched with 80 plus rooms including 7 cottages and 3 apartments including a secure private beach, an outdoor swimming pool and four in house restaurants. To spend a night in the only handicrafts hotel in the World it will cost around ₹6000 for a room and ₹7000 for a cottage inclusive taxes. The hotel is also looking to add an Andhra Crafts gift shop with artefacts curated from local artists and craftsmen.

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