The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat brings the royal cuisine of the Rampur Nawabs to the City of Joy

Following the stupendous success of the Chettinad Food Festival – Malgudi Diaries, The Westin Kolkata
Rajarhat is gearing up to give their guests an amalgamation of flavours with their latest offering – the
Rampur Nawabi Food Festival. Commencing 20th June till 1st July, savour the authentic fair of dishes
from one of the most unimposing yet exceptional cuisine of the Rampur Nawabs which reflects their culinary
A mention of Rampur may remind you of the famous Rampuri Chhuri — the switchblade Bollywood villains
proudly flaunted. But a taste of this Uttar Pradesh town’s cuisine will leave millennials surprised. Steeped in
flavours of a bygone era, the Rampur Nawabi cuisine is a branch of Mughlai cuisine, also said to be a precursor
to the much popular – Awadhi fare. Developed by the chefs of the Nawabs, it is known for its distinct flavours
and dishes with recipes passed on from the royal kitchens, like ‘Rampuri Fish’, ‘Rampuri Korma’, ‘Rampuri
Mutton Kebabs’, ‘Doodhiya Biryani’ and ‘Mirch ka Halwa’.
Chef Suroor Khan, Master Chef from the Gharana of Rampur, will be recreating some of delicacies for
the epicureans of Kolkata. Speaking on the concept of the cuisine, he said, “Rampur Nawabi cuisine was
unheard of earlier, as the nawabs at the time did not want the food that they enjoyed losing their exclusivity.
Traditional Rampur delicacies are characterized by the use of dry spices, or “khada masala” (black and white
peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon or cassia bark, mace, black and green cardamom pods, bay leaf, cumin and
coriander), lending the dishes their unique flavour. The yellow chilli is specific to Rampur and is hotter than

the green chili that you get in the market. However, it is not as hot as the “Bhut Jolokia” found in the north-
eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur.”

Famed dishes from this cuisine which will be on offer at this festival are ‘Kachche Gosht ki Tikia’ (Minced
Mutton Tikka), ‘Fish Anjeer Tikka’ (Fish And Fig Tikka), the heavily indulgent — ‘Tar Qorma’ (The word
tar is given, as the consistency of the curry is like that of a wire when you slide out the spoon from the dish.
Not too soft, nor too chewy, the mutton is soaked in flavourful spices), ‘Aloo Qeema’ (dry and looks like
minced soya bean). In the vegetarian section, the rich and heavy ‘Paneer Shorma’ and ‘Baingan Achari’
should be tried out even if you’re partial to the non-vegetarian selection.
End the meal on a sweet note by opting for the ‘Gulatthi’ (a cousin of Kheer and Phirni) and Mirch ka
Relish this medley of Mughal and Awadhi flavours, recreated by Chef Suroor Khan, served fresh to your plate
at Seasonal Tastes, from 20th June – 1

st July 2018.
Join us at:

The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat

Address: Plot No. CBD/2, Action Area – II, New Town, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156

For Reservations: 033 4037 1234
Dates: 20th June – 1

st July 2018
Timing: Dinner: 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Prices: INR 1399 plus applicable taxes

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