Thinking of food but Price hike in festive days- Don’t Worry | Reach Wasabee

Thai fine dining eatery Wasabee has found some tremendous response from patrons in the city.Hence Wasabee,Deshopriya Park with new bunch of platters in terms of all.
Just some of them are Mocktail (Cinderella), Peppery Lemon Soup (Veg/Non Veg), Chicken Tai Pei/ Crispy Chilli Baby Corn, Fried Rice/Hakka Noodle (Chicken/Veg), Sliced Chicken/Mixed Veg in Schezwan,Darsaan with a scoop Vanilla Ice cream.

Thai Combos :- Mocktail (Cinderella), Tom Yum Soup (Veg/Non Veg), Nam Prik Prao Kai/ Thai Style Crispy Chilli Veg, Thai Basil Fried Rice (Khao Phad Harappa)/ Thai Style Chicken Noodle (Ba Mee Haeng), Gai Kra Thium Prik (Sliced Chicken cooked in Garlic & Peppercorn Sauce)/ Phad Pak Ruam Mit Mamnang (Stir Fried Veg with Cashew Nut) and Sankaya Fak (Coconut & Pumpkin Custard).

All in this at a price of Rs.899-(for Veg) & Rs.999/- (For Non Veg) excluding tax.

So what are u waiting for???

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