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This Durga Puja, embrace the festivities with Nakshi’s ‘Pujo Tribe’ Collection

Durga Puja, the biggest festival in Kolkata, is just around the corner. From
adda sessions to gorging on lip-smacking food to pandal hopping and looking your best are
synonymous to Pujo. Making sure you look your best through the festivities, Nakshi has launched
the ‘Pujo Tribe’ collection, a unique range that’s inspired by various art forms from across the globe.
The Pujo Tribe Collection by Nakshi is fashionable with unconventional designs and patterns which
enhances the festive feel to the ensemble. Contemporary silhouettes, stylish cuts, vibrant colours
and traditional prints from this beautiful collection will add up and make a trendy statement this
The collection is inspired by four art forms across India and the world, which set the collection apart
from any other:
Ottoman has been inspired by the Turkish Empire’s gorgeous geometric patterns, opulent
materials and exceptional colours. Nakshi creates magnificence with this artform and blends
it perfectly with traditional Indian silhouettes, a seamless combination for this Pujo look.
Nawab has been inspired by the rich culture and heritage of Nawabs in India. Nakshi infuses
the elegance and grandeur of the era and the collection showcases glimpses of royalty in
their fine fabrics, rich colours and intricate embroidery. You are sure to make a statement
with this one!
Gond has taken inspiration from Gond paintings practiced by the tribes from Madhya
Pradesh. These paintings mirrored their daily life, nature, myths and legends with intricately
done motifs using thin thread for embroidery on fabrics like Silk Tussar and Chanderi.
Intricate and graceful, these pieces will make heads turn amidst the revelry!
Bengal Patachitra – The tradition patachitra from Bengal were the paintings of the region
depicting mythological, religious stories, folklore and social subjects. Every Patachitra has a
song which the artist sings while unfurling the painting. This collection has been created by
the traditional Patachitra artists to give you a chance to flaunt Bengal’s heritage in line with
the festivities which Bengal prides itself in.

On the occasion, Nilima Ghosh, Founder & Advisor, commented, “Nakshi has not only supported,
trained and promoted the local artisans but also revived and encouraged the rich Indian traditions
and national heritage in terms of the handiwork. Our Pujo Tribe collection is a beautiful
amalgamation of traditional artforms with modern silhouettes, which is the perfect blend of tradition
with modernity. As always, this collection too has something for everyone, and Nakshi is elated to be
a part of your Durga Puja Celebrations.”

The collection is available in Nakshi’s stores located in Salt Lake, Eco Park, Diamond Plaza Jessore
Road, Gariahat, Star Mall Madhyamgram & City Center 2. It will also be available on their website –
About Nakshi:
Nakshi was incorporated in 2012 by Mrs. Nilima Ghosh to provide necessary support & training to
the artisans to develop a sustainable and inclusive business model that develops and promotes
indigenous crafts skills and creativities.
Nakshi relentlessly works with the artisan clusters across India and offers a range of exquisitely
designed authentic handloom and handicraft products created by unparalleled craftsmanship of
artisans from all across India.
Each and every product that a customer buys from Nakshi, supports the livelihood of artisans across
the country and thus help revive and promote this rich tradition and national heritage.
Nakshi has retail presence at six stores in Kolkata and is planning to open in New Delhi in the coming
months. It has a digital presence at leading marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal
and Limeroad.

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