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This Durga Pujo, The Fatty Bao, Kolkata, (part of the Olive group of restaurants),at #801, Fort Knox, 6, Camac Street, Kolkata – 700017, takes you on a completely new gastronomictrip with ‘Pandals of Chinatown’. With the promise of a delicious and unforgettable Asian dining and bar experience, we present the best of Bengali festivities and Chinatown delicacies from around the globe, all under one roof. Executive Chef Prashanth and Head Chef Sumit bring you the all-day special Pujo menu –‘Pandals of Chinatown’from September 28- October 13, 2019 with iconic Chinese dishes from Chinatowns across the world from Tangra- Kolkata to London, San Francisco, New York City, Lima, Hong Kong and even as far as Victoria, Australia – giving the City of Joy a whole new way to celebrate this year.  From Whole Baby Pomfret and Chairman Mao’s Pork Belly to Fried Noodles and Chinese Sausage and Bacon Fried Rice and the irresistible Chinese Egg Custard Tarts, our all day Special Pujo menuwith ample choice for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, offers the most unforgettable dishes to emerge from Chinatowns, both local and global.Every Chinatown has a gate; a ‘tori’, through which one can walk into a world of wonderful flavours.This Durga Puja, The Fatty Bao invites you to walk in through its celebratory gateway for a culinary tour of Chinatowns from around the world, for a truly globe-trotting Oriental experience. Make your table reservations at 033 46022744 for lunch, dinner or an any-time meal from 12 noon to 11:30 pm.

Talking of Chinatowns – on top of the list is our very own Tangra in Kolkata, India’s oldest bonafide Chinese settlement and our favourite haunt for delicious Hakka Chinese food! The Chinese first came to India to trade spices making the busy port of Kolkata their entry point and stayed on in the city to set up their businesses. We’re serving the hugely popular and ever favourite Tangra- style Crispy Chilli Chickenwith Chilli and Garlic Crumble as well as a Crispy Chilli Cottage Cheese version for vegetarians. We have your carb fix sorted with a hearty Fried Noodles – our version of Pan-fried noodles with Cantonese-style braised cottage cheese or chicken. Inspired by the Chinese Bar Houses in Tangra, which still serve large baskets of prawn crackers for bar snacks, our version Har Pang Pork features these cant-eat-just-one crackers with a spiced mince-meat filling for some extra punch.

Order a portion of Moo Shu Chicken-stir-fried vegetables and shredded chicken tossed with hoisin and oyster sauce, scallion, fried garlic, pickled cucumber and egg and served with Mandarin pancakes. Introduced in the United States as an ‘American Chinese’ dish in the Sixties, our version is influenced by the place that made it a local favourite: the Pearl Restaurant in New York City.If you’re a fan of seafood, try the Fish Puff– made with Kaffir lime, chilli, garlic and sesame-flavoured minced fish, stuffed in flaky puff pastry and served with smoked garlic and chilli sauce. The British rule in Hong Kong gave birth to culinary fusion andthis flaky puff with spiced fish filling, made popular by Kowloon Bakery in London’s Chinatown – is the perfect example. China’s iconic leader Chairman Mao’s favourite dish the Pork Belly, was a traditional, Chinese style,red-braised porkbelly. Variationsof this dish appeared in almost every Chinese city and Chinatowns alike. We bring you our version of the famous dish – Chairman Mao’s Pork Belly made with rock sugar, star anise, cinnamon, soy, dried chilli and bay leaf-braised pork belly and served with a side of seared pillowy, soft bao.

Motivatedby the historic restaurants in Chinatown in goldmine towns in Victoria, Australia, we bring youthe Whole Baby Pomfret– deep-fried pomfret with rice wine, sesame oil and oyster;tossed with assorted vegetables and mushroom.Chinese chefs established thriving Chinatowns in Australian’s big cities around the time of the goldrush. This particular dish is a tribute to Chin Thum Lok, the chef who is credited with opening Australia’s first documented Chinese restaurant in Ballarat, in Victoria Province in 1854. Chinese Sausage & Bacon Fried Rice,with fried egg and scallion, was the go to dish for immigrants in Peruwhere authentic Chinese ingredients were in scarce supply and thus was born this incredibly hearty Peruvian-Chinese fusion dish! Our version is a tribute to the dish created by Chifa Restaurant in Lima’s Chinatown.  Yet another must try dish on this Pujo special menu is the Roasted Half Duck– a Beijing-style 24-hour marinated duck, roasted and served with chilli five-spice hoisin, spicy pickled plum, cucumber, scallion, crispy chilli, pineapple and pancakes. SanFrancisco houses one of America’s oldest and busiest Chinatowns and we took a leaf out of their culinary history to bring you our rendition of  their world famous 24-hour marinated Peking Duck.

And to end your festive meal on a sweet note – we have the Chinese Egg Custard Tarts,served warm with berry compote. Simple and traditional, the ‘daahntaat’became a hot-selling fast food in Mainland China. Our slightly westernized version is inspired by the Golden Gate Bakery in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

If you’re looking for an amazing, soul satisfying Asian meal in between all the last-minute shopping or amidst the dhaak, dhunuchi and pandal hopping, then head straight to The Fatty Bao. Whatever be your plan, mood or budget, The Fatty Bao (#801, Fort Knox, 6, Camac Street, Kolkata- 700017. Tel: 033 46022744) promises a vibrant Asian dining and bar experience with the ‘Pandals of Chinatown’all day menu  offering, signature Asian inspired cocktails and unmatched service and ambience.

Quick Facts:

Promotion: Pandals of Chinatown at The Fatty Bao, Kolkata
Dates: September 27th – October 13th, 2019

Waller Factor: Meal for Two without alcohol, Rs.1500 ++/ Meal for two including alcohol, Rs. 2400++)

Timing: 12 noon to 11:30pm

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