Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

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Togetherness of Class and Mass

WINDOWS production has come up with a new secret. This secret is the famous director, one and only Koushik Ganguly. Yes! Koushik Ganguly’s new film ‘Lakkhi Chele’ is comming soon with WINDOWS production. This is tge first time.

On 1st July 2019 at Nandan from 10:30am to 12pm a event was organized for the promotion of ‘Lakkhi Chele’ and also for introducing togetherness of class and mass. Shiboprasad Mukhopadhay, Nandini Roy, Churni Ganguly and Ujan Ganguly all the WINDOWS members was present there.

Ujan Ganguly has worked in this film ‘Lakkhi Chele’ which has directed by his father Koushik Ganguly. He Wanted to work with his father since his growing age. This is said by Ujan Ganguly at Nandan on 1st July.

Posto, Prajapati biscuit, Haami, Pritha, Rossogolla and some otger heart touching family film produced by WINDOWS. After watching trailer and poster of ‘Lakkhi Chele’ its sound interesting. People should go for it. Best wishes to the WINDOWS production including all members so that all their aim and goals can be fulfilled with immense success

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