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Massan fame Shweta Tripathi becomes the face of a social revolution!

By Payel Das:-Some movies entertain, some movies brings about a social change, even whilst being entertaining! GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE belongs to the latter category, under the stewardship of national award winning director Sanjoy Nag, starring Revathy, Rituparna Sengupta, Shweta Tripathi.

In one of the segment of the women centric film, Shweta Tripathi (Masaan, Haramkhor), will reprise the role of the real life story of Priyanka Bharti, the newlywed bride, that stood up to her in laws to defecate in the open, and ran away from home, with a pledge that she won’t return until a toilet was built, which kick started a silent revolution in rural India!

As news of the newly-wed bride that ran away, attracting scorn, anger and apprehension by her parents, something never dared by a woman before, spread across rural India, she also attracted a lot of national & international attention and received positive support, which led to a social revolution.

Incidentally Priyanka Bharti was in Lonavala, near Mumbai, shooting a small segment for the film. Shweta Tripathi was pleased to have met her and tried to observe her mannerism and body language, so that she could realistically portray Priyanka in the film.

Says Shweta “It was really so momentous to meet Priyanka, a real life hero. Getting the toilet for her was not the end, but a turning point, a beginning to sensitize others about a need for in-house toilets for safety & hygiene. I tried to observe her minutely, so that I could bring to life Priyanka Bharti, in a more realistic way”

Adds Director Sanjoy Nag “Though Revathy & Rituparna Sengupta are the main protagonist in the film, Shweta segment in the film weaves through seamlessly. It is real life story that brought about a social change. It is such a sorry state of a Nation, when 60 to 70 percent of women are forced to defecate in the open. But am happy that there is a social change happening and hopeful that our film will bring about a greater change, as films have the ability to spread the message faster to the masses in an entertaining way”

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