Unique Limited-Edition Silver Coin to Commemorate 5244 Birth Anniver_can, of Lord Krishna

With the rising worldwide popularity of rich Indian Art & Culture, many countries have released coins on Indian themes to make their presence felt in the International Numismatic Market. The latest being a wonderfully designed coin on Lord Krishna by Mr Alok K Goyal and being released by the Republic of Tchad, on 15th August 2017. Before this coin, various other countries have successfully released various Indian themed coins like Lord Ganesha coin by Ivory Coast, located in west Africa, in 2013; Lord Venkateswara coin by Republic of Palau, located in western Pacific Ocean, in 2014; Bhagwan Adinath coin by Cook Islands, located in south Pacific Ocean, in 2015; Shri Shirdi Saibaba coin by Niue Islands, located in south Pacific Ocean, in 2015; Goddess Laxmi coin by Tuvalu Island, located in Australian Pacific Ocean, in July 2017 this year

It took almost 3 years for Mr Alok K Goyal to get his concept of Baby Lord Krishna on Leaf approved by some country and manifest the concept to reality. Keeping the design same despite the change in available manufacturing technologies from time to time.

This Lord Krishna coin is unique because of its Full Dimensional 3D design, which will be the first of its kind among coins on Indian Gods. Made of 100-gram pure silver, this coin will have a 3D figure of BaI-Krishna on leaf, as on his birthday, when he had been taken from the jails of Demon King Kansa, in Mathura, to a small village of Nandgaon, by his father Vasudeva to save his child from Kansa, as per Indian mythology.

As per Mr Alok K Goyal, a renowned numismatist and representative of various mints of the world in India, this coin has many special features like:-

Full Dimensional 3D Figure coin, Serially Numbered with Swiss Silver Hallmark The Coin will be decorated with more than 50 pcs of Swarovski Crystals A special box made of real bamboo has been designed and made by artisans of a small village of Malda in West Bengal in India. Because Lord Krishna had been shifted by his father in a small bamboo basket, the box has been designed to look signify the same Certificate of Authenticity has been made on pure silk paper having wooden planks developed by artists in Kolkata, West Bengal, India Special dome shaped air tight capsule has been procured from Europe to keep the coin safe from moisture and dust, which will be kept in a fine velvet bag inside the bamboo box

The coin will be minted by famous mint of Switzerland — The Helvetic Mint and the detailed specifications would be: 100 Grams pure silver, 65 mm diameter, 40 mm height, packed in air tight dome shaped capsule, decorated with 50+ Swarovski crystals, partially enamel colored, packed in handmade bamboo box with a handmade COA on silk and a booklet telling the story of Lord Krishna, as per Indian mythology, with his 108 Names & Slokas written both Hindi and English. •

Only 501 Pcs of this coin will be minted for worldwide market and only 251 pcs will be available for sale in India through the online store at www.headyatail.com, owned by Mr Rohit Mohan Pugalia an entrepreneur having a healthy snacks business and a passionate coin collector and his wife, Mrs Purvi Rohit Pugalia a renowned Handwriting and signature analyst and philanthropist.

Priced at Rs. 25555/- per pc with free shipping within India, this coin will be a prized collection for every coin lover in India. The coin will be strictly offered on first come first served basis only through the online store of Head Ya Tail with a limitation of maximum 2 coins to one person from 15th August 2017 with a scheduled delivery around Diwali 2017.

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