Unrestfull duty from the 1st day of Lockdown

Unrestfull duty from the 1st day of Lockdown

People cant hear their prayers and requests and they are moving targetless throughout the state and specially in the city. None is saying thanks to them.

Police officials from Patuli Police Station Location:- EM Bypass

Today during coverage we found some moments where Police Personnels interogating local bikers and requesting them to get into home as early as possible.
The Police people also have their families but they are on duty to help us.
While talking to us one of them said,”We forget the day we last get an off to go to check our families.” Its very sad that we can’t feel their pain.
Our social media is full of painfull stories for killing of animal but where does the pain vanish for them whom we are killing in daily gossiping and avoiding our government and Police officers requests and Government Orders.

Stop gossiping and roaming around.Feel the pain of themselves who are on road in this scorching heat and during this panedemic.
We will soon get the new world but to see that new morning you have to live for that now you have to stay in home.

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