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Home is where the heart is and Bahrain based Poet, Vaijayantee Bhattacharya’s return to her city, Kolkata to launch her first book of Poetry “Mosaic Vision” proves that the love of homeland fuels the passion within oneself to walk on the path of dreams.


The book launch of Writer, Editor, Poet and Journalist, Vaijayantee Bhattacharya was held at the Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata on the 23rd of July in the presence of eminent dignitaries from Kolkata, her friends, family and the media. The press meet was organized by Ms Sufia Khatoon, PR and Event Manager preceding the book launch which was followed by a documentary featuring the essence of Vaijayantee’s observations as a Poet, her poems and her life; subtly highlighting the importance of the power of expressive writing in poetry and the voice of a poet.



Born and raised in Kolkata, Vaijayantee had graduated from Loreto College and post- graduated under the University of Calcutta. She then moved to Delhi and ultimately married and settled in Bahrain where she now resides with her husband and her son.

Mosaic Vision is a book of thirty seven beautifully constructed poems written during the different phases of her life which reflects her world to the readers.


Vaijayantee claims that she writes for herself and critical reviews never compel her to change her writing style.

Interestingly, she considers Mosaic Vision to be her ‘second child’ as the poems written by her were deeply nurtured in values, culture and traditions of the various destinations she had visited during her travels away from home; and full of emotions. In fact, as a reader, one is bound to find poems in her book suiting every mood of an individual in various pleasant and unpleasant circumstances in life.



Vaijayantee claims herself to be a humanist because she believes that values are same for every human being whether it is a man or a woman.

When it came to the question of a poetry book launch, a reading session could not have been far behind. Thus, the audience was privileged enough to hear two very beautiful poems straight from the poet herself.


With great zeal the poetry lovers, readers and poets then heard the Panelists insightful remarks during the panel discussion on the topic,

‘‘Is poetry a reflection of emotions recollected in tranquility or disturbance? And what is its relevance in today’s morbid world of prosaic reality?”


The eminent Panelists present were eminent Chief Guest, Shri Jawhar Sircar, Dr Sanjukta Dasgupta (Professor, Department of English, University of Calcutta), Mr Shahenshah Mirza (descendant of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah) Social and Environmental Activist, Ms Saira Shah Halim (Educator, Activist and poet) , Ms Saheli Mitra (Journalist, Author, Poet, columnist) and Vaijayantee herself.


Vaijayantee has a very special place for the City of Joy in her heart. It is this city where she was born and which gave her an identity. Thus, she wanted to gift the city her beautiful work of fourteen years which culminated into the journey of poetry in Mosaic Vision. The book is available in Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle versions and would be reaching the bookstores soon. You can buy the book through the link below.






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