Vanart Electricals LIP launches Modular switches, Remote Switches and LED lighting solutions

By Bhagyasree:- Vanart Electricals LLP is a Company which today at a Press Conference in a city Hotel announced their products launch of it’s wide range of Modular switches & accessories, Remote Switches and LED lighting solutions.. Mr. Ramesh Bhala & Mr. Tushar Bhala the father and son duo and business Partners of Vanart Electricals LLP were present at the launch. Mr. Ramesh Bhala , also the partner of Hind Electric & Trading Co.,Kolkata, operates the 61 year old firm in the West Bengal electrical industry. They even design and deal in decorative lights and LED lighting solutions from their showroom at Lighting Studio HIND, Homeland Mall, Kolkata.
Vanart Electricals LIP offers a complete range of electrical Modular Switches and Accessories for household and Industrial uses along with remote switches and LED Light fittings. The Company encompasses the spirit of “Make in India” where the engineering and factory set up is in Mumhai, Maharashtra. But a major part of its operation is in Kolkata, as a drive to improve and contribute to the West Bengal’s Industrial setting.
The vision of the company is to provide premium electrical & lighting products at a price point which makes the consumers a real value for money.
The IllOdular electrical Switches have a range from 6 Amp to 32 Amp in capacity with different models and designs. The switches are such crafted that it has excellent aesthetical look and quality and are offered at a very affordable price point. VANART modular switches come in a most economical and easily affordable price with a price range of Rs.16./- onwards for a 6Amp One way switch which is more onomical than the conventional switches available in India.
The range of switches are complimented by a wide range of attractive and colorful plates those come in different designs and can even be fitted on the conventional switches and boxes.Energy efficient fan regulators and AC starters perform well, even in low voltage conditions that ensures a great quality pr oduc t it .1 very economic price point Vanart also displays a range of remote switches designed to provide semi automation solutions in the existing normal boxes and plates without the need for any special wiring. The company also plans to limn( h smart automation system soon. To provide complete electrical solution, Vanart has a complete range of t I l) light fittings, whic h is a need for the current market as the world is moving towards energy of lac lent lighting options. The LED lights are bright, high quality, long lasting and at a price point which it in real value lor money.
After the hurl, hing in West Bengal; VANART’s next expansion plan will be in Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam and After establi•hint.’, the’ brand in Eastern India, [bier next vision is to reach the PAN India gradually

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