Walk and Earn

By Subhankar Mazumder:- Walking is something that we probably do everyday. For those of us who don’t have a natural love for working out, the idea of making money while walking is such an encouraging idea. A smartphone app named “StepSetGo” will encourage you to walk and earn existing gifts. For every 1000 steps you take you will be credited with 1 SSG coin. One have to collect coins by walking to purchase a variety of gift items that are available in the market place of the app. There are wide range of items available in the market starting from Amazon echo dot which you can purchase with 1999 SSG coins to iPhoneXR which is available for 14999 coins. Although the money or gifts that you will earn from this app won’t make you quit your daily job but the cash or rewards that you will earn are real and legit.

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