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Weizmann joins Augmont’s flourishing network of 5,00,000 offline retailers

Over the last year, India’s oldest and most trusted bullion portal Augmont, has aggressively spread its distribution network deep into India’s smaller towns. Through their app, Augmont has led the digital sales of gold and silver in India. Now, the brand focuses on strengthening its offline distribution. Adding to its existing network of over 5,00,000 retailers, Augmont has partnered with Weizmann Forex to take its popular EMI product to more towns and villages across the country. Augmont’s Gold-on-EMI is as ideal for those living in far-flung towns and don’t have access to trusted sources for buying gold. All one has to do is to walk into Weizmann Forex’s outlet and choose the gold product they want. There are hundreds of contemporary designs in Pendants, Chains, Ear-Rings, Bangles, Rings, etc. All of these are made of gold from Augmont’s self-owned NABL accredited refinery and hand-crafted by Augmont’s designers who have ensured zero wastage and maximum value for money. This gives Augmont 100% control over its quality. All Augmont Coins comes in standardized 24Karat “999” purity and jewellery come in standardized 22karat “916” purity, every piece of jewellery is Hallmarked, so a customer is assured of purity.  After selecting the jewellery of their choice, the buyer has 2 choices-

  • Make 100% payment and get the delivery within 4 working days; or
  • Pay a 20% down payment and convert the balance 80% into simple EMIs of 3, 6 or 9 months

After the buyer completes the EMI payments, the jewellery is delivered to his doorstep. If the buyer so wishes, he can even pre-pay the EMI at any point and request for immediate delivery. Since the price is fixed at the time of buying, the purchase is secured against any rise in gold price.

Said Mr. Sachin Kothari, Director, Augmont“Every piece of jewellery sold at Augmont’s offline partner retailer’s outlet is made from gold that comes from Augmont’ BIS and NBBL accredited refinery. Our trusted partners such as Weizmann,  Vakrangee, Ebix, Sahaj e-Village among others help us reach the millions of Indians who can benefit not only from Augmont’s Purity & Pricing guarantee but also from flexible payment options  At these centres, they can buy Augmont’s world-class gold jewellery at live market prices, so they’re assured of the promised value for their money. The EMI greatly helps ease the financial burden that even a small gold purchase could bring them. Augmont is gradually closing the gap between the cities and small towns, and we are sure the people greatly appreciate it!”Augmont’s Gold-on-EMI has been doing well for over 4 years now, contributing to a considerable percentage of its total gold sales. Weizmann Forex joins Augmont’s wide network of offline partners such as Vakrangee, Sahaj E-village, Ebix, Quicksun technologies, etc. With them, Augmont’s Gold-on-EMI helps take the benefit of quality, price, and transparency to India’s deepest corners.    

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