Welcome Poila Boisakh with a weekend of celebrations at JW Marriott Kolkata

With the New Year all set to arrive, JW Marriott Kolkata is abuzz to welcome the Bengali New Year keeping the
quintessential bangaliana flair in mind. JW Kitchen is gearing up to serve choicest Bengali dishes and other

delectable curations the upcoming weekend for lunch, brunch, hi-tea and dinner.

Experience the best from the Marriott team of chefs, churning out Bengali delicacies to tantalize your tastebuds. On
offer, will be Bengali classics like ‘Kathaler Chop’, ‘Bhaja Moong Dal’, ‘Basanti Pulao’, ‘Aloo Posto’, ‘Sukto’,
‘Kosha Mangsho’, ‘Lucchi’ and other such delights for as part of the lunch and dinner buffet.

However, this is not all. There is so much more to savour in terms of Kolkata food. A true-blue Bengali cannot live
without their bhajas and their aloo kablis. The kitchens of JW Kitchen will have live stations offering assorted bhajas
and varied preparations of Kolkata street food, making sure you needn’t miss any of it. Additionally, the Bengali menu
will be open for Saturday and Sunday brunch in the quintessential elaborate spread with options of sangrias and beers

to compliment the meal.

Our city is also known for “chai and adda”. Keeping that in mind, JW Marriott Kolkata has curated a hi-tea menu,
offering various kinds of beverages and accompaniments to go along with them, giving you all the reason to make JW

Marriott Kolkata your Adda joint this Poila Baisakh.

Poila Baisakh is a festive celebration for Bengalis, which involves indulging in regional music and art. Enjoy Baul
gaan accompanied with dhak, dhol, kasha and let loose your artistic side by participating in kumor (pot) painting.
Come and join us for all the merriment at JW Marriott Kolkata and begin the New Year with revelry and great food.

Here is wishing everyone Shubho Noboborsho!

Location: JW Kitchen, JW Marriott Kolkata
Address: 4A, J.B.S Haldane Avenue, Kolkata – 700 105

Date: 13th – 15th April 2018
For Reservations: +91 33 6633 0000

Poila Baisakh Hi-Tea: 4:00 – 6:00 pm| 599 ++ applicable taxes per person

Timing: Lunch – 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm; Brunch – 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm; Dinner – 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Prices: Regular Lunch, Brunch and Dinner Charges applicable.
Lunch – 1250 AI (Except Saturday & Sunday);
Dinner– 1625 AI (all days);

Saturday Brunch – INR 1500 AI (Includes beer & sangria)
Sunday Brunch –1850 AI (includes beer & sangria)

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