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World TV Premiere –Ek Je Chilo Raja, a historical drama narrating the fascinating tale of the Bhawal sanyasi case

Jalsha Movies, with an eclectic mix of movies across genres has always been trying to bring the best of Bengali entertainment to its viewers on the small screen. With an enviable film library decked with new blockbusters, the channel aims to bring the experience of a multiplex right at the homes of the Bengali audience.

To add to its cinematic splendour Jalsha Movies will now host the World TV Premiere – Ek Je Chilo Raja. Ek Je Chilo Raja is a period drama is based on the famous 1975 Bhawal Sanyasi court case.

The central plot revolves around the life of Mahendra Kumar Choudhari, the heir to the Bikrampur Estate and second among the three princes. He was famousand also infamous for his lavish lifestyle and philandering ways. Once he was taken to Darjeeling for treatment of syphilis by his wife, where he was tricked to death by his near ones. Post his death, his brothers claimed fame to the zamindari.

Twelve years later, a sanyasi appeared in the same village with a striking resemblance to the supposedly dead prince. People began to take notice of the Sanyasi and news spread that the estate’s deceased prince is back. The intense drama of the movie revolves round whether the Sanyasi is the long lost Prince of the estate or an imposter.

Ek Je Chilo Raja is sure to provide the audience with an overwhelming aura of a lost and decayed heritage of a grand kingdom in an engrossing inter woven mesh of strong relationships on 16thJune, 2019 at 8:00 PM.

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