Yo! Bangla- A New Bengali Online Radio Destination

OTT is proud to present “Yo! Bangla” the one and only Digital radio channel with a bouquet of contents in Bengali that will touch your lives in many ways everyday. It is not a plain Vanilla radio station but has a plethora of interesting segments which will serve as a cultural platform to showcase the rich heritage of Bengal and reach out to customers with diverse taste and likings for music and entertainment. The channel is going to be a gift  from OTT for the Bengali music lovers globally this Poila Baisakh (Bengali New Year) and they definitely will have a very unique experience going forward.
In today’s day and age, digitisation using cloud computing is the latest technology in most spheres of our life. Likewise we are beginning to see a shift in the way Radio works today. The age old technology currently used by both Government run Radio channels as well as private run channels are not user friendly as one has to remember the frequency number etc and these also interfere with the Radio Frequency used for the Mobile telephony in our country. Hence the only solution way forward is digitisation of the Radio channels, using the Internet which will give the customer to browse the channel at ease and quality of transmission will also be much better. Search for content is therefore Simple since and one does not have to remember the frequency details . Digital radio also presents itself with a lot of value added services like scrolling text. One big advantage is that the digital mode allows display of any kind of information along with the song played in the text format during the broadcast period. This can be used as a marketing platform to advertise various products and services which in turn can become a revenue generator. Any critical information during an emergency can be easily broadcasted using this ticker.
OTT’s YO! BANGLA Radio station is a well thought through product with the best technology used by OTT Solutions which will give the listeners an excellent experience just not in terms of content but the quality of streaming/ browsing the channel. YO!BANGLA will certainly revolutionise the entire regional radio transmission business and it will become a great source of revenue for consumer durable companies, insurance, automobile, hospitality, jewellery, real estate industries to name a few.
YO!BANGLA radio station has been segmented into 4 genres to cater to the different tastes of the customer.
Gitabitan, as the very name suggests include the Tagore songs, prose and poetry along with excerpts on the Bard’s life.
Film Reel showcases the music of Bengali film industry including the gossips, life style etc of the artists.
Rock & Roll caters to those who love the modern Band songs and the folk lores beautifully represented as songs.
Golpo Gujab brings back the classic Bengali literature to the customers. This enthralling segment upholds the rich Bengali culture and is perhaps the most interesting of all segments because no other online channel perhaps has a similar section depicting the rich heritage of Bengal.
OTT takes pride to present the licensed content as it is a known fact, seconded by PPL ( Phonographic Performance Limited ) that most online radio channels use unlicensed and pirated content. OTT has also acquired rights from the artists and production houses. In fact, YO!BANGLA will provide a platform for the new and upcoming artist along with the existing ones to reach out to the customers globally. Likewise it will help the movie fraternity to expand their horizons and cater to the online savvy customers with their various movies, trailers etc. YO! BANGLA will be an excellent platform for corporates to broadcast their products and services and thereby increase their spread and reach.
Currently it’s on the test bed and OTT is confident that it will revolutionise Bengali music and entertain millions across the globe with its commercial launch slated for 15th April 2018.
About OTT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
OTT Solutions is a global provider of Premium content services in the digital space for East Indian, North India & Bangladeshi space. The OTT Team, along with its partners and associates of content providers now reaches top brands in Digital Audio Stores, OTT Platforms and VAS Platforms for key Telcos for its target users. The company has a full-fledged operations in Bangladesh and a local entity. The core skillset of OTT includes content acquisition and curation, editing of video and audio and software development. OTT’s in-house team has developed WAP and App platforms for different operators across the World which meets stringent quality standards. OTT has an inhouse campaign management team which, along with its creative team, are setting new standards in achieving desired goals. OTT has the credit of managing YouTube pages for renowned entertainment related entities and have millions of views to its credit. OTT Solutions is formed through organic and in-organic growth. This has given a concrete base initiate business with full throttle. OTT’s strength is in its team consisting of highly qualified professionals in technology, creative, product management and business strategy. With OTT Solutions, Streaming and downloading video, audio or imagery content is at the tip of the finger of every person who loves the rich Eastern India’s content. With over 300 latest movies, 15000+ songs, OTT’s content library is one of the strongest and most sought-after.

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