Corona vaccine in 101 years, ‘oldest’ vaccinator in Kolkata!

#Kolkata: A 101-year-old man named Tarachandra Maheshwari was vaccinated against coronavirus at CMRI Hospital in Kolkata. It is believed that he is still the oldest person in Kolkata to be vaccinated against coronavirus. According to hospital sources, there is no comorbidity in his body. No side effects were seen in his body even after taking the vaccine.

Tarachandra Maheshwari himself is very happy to get the vaccine. “I was just waiting to get the vaccine,” he said. The injection felt like taking tetanus. We should all be vaccinated without listening to any rumors. We can easily overcome this epidemic if we take this virus.

Dr Raja Dhar, head and director of the pulmonology department at CMRI, said: “The virus is most dangerous in people over the age of 60. Low immunity is also a big factor in this case. With the vaccine, we can overcome the horrors of the previous year.

The oldest vaccinated in CMRI! The oldest vaccinated in CMRI!

Dr Ashok B Malpani, a cardiologist at BM Birla Heart Research Center, said, ‘Tarachandra Maheshwari’s heart is very good. It is a great pleasure to see such a person of this age so lively. At this age, the desire to be vaccinated in this way is irreversible. He will be a role model for everyone, those who are afraid to get vaccinated will be inspired to see him.

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