‘Drama’ Mamata on the ground of Nandigram for fear of defeat! The BJP has denied the allegations

#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was seriously injured in Nandigram during the campaign. He was allegedly pushed by four or five people while going out to worship at a temple in Reyapara. As he got into the car, some people suddenly pushed the car door and fled. The Trinamool leader was reportedly injured in the head, forehead and legs. So he is being brought back to Calcutta with the campaign stopped in the middle. Mamata alleged that there was a conspiracy in the whole incident.

On the other hand, the BJP and the Congress have interpreted the incident as a complete ‘drama’. In the words of BJP leader Arjun Singh, ‘The Chief Minister left his Bhabanipur and fled to Nandigram. He was blocked from all sides. All those cops should be suspended. Four IPSs should be suspended. He is the police minister, he did not push the ghost. People pushed like him. We think, as always, he is still trying to get sympathy by lying. Mamata is pretending to lose in Nandigram. BJP spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya has demanded a high-level probe into allegations of grassroots conspiracy.

Kailash Vijayavargi, the BJP’s central observer in the state, claimed, “He is accompanied by many white-clad policemen. Come out with security like the Prime Minister. There are 100 policemen during the march. How many cops were there while driving the scooter. There was no security with the Chief Minister today, is it acceptable? Injured. Of course there is empathy. But before the vote, he is doing politics with this, gaining the sympathy of the people. The CBI needs to investigate.

Congress leader Abdul Mannan said, “He can perform so well that he should be given an international award. There are so many people around, so many cameras, no one has seen anywhere. There are so many security guards around, will you stumble after that? The stumbling block has been met with public outrage. He is doing this drama because he will lose in Nandigram. He is fooling everyone like the story of the tiger. ‘ Provincial Congress president Adhir Chowdhury has also made the same allegation. He claimed, ‘Mamata herself fell into the trap when she went out to get the trap. The police minister says there were no police. The attack took place without the police! It’s impossible. It’s an electoral gimmick. Creating a sympathy. And if the police minister of Bengal does not get the police, then what will happen to the common people of Bengal? Then Mamata admits that the law and order situation in the state has completely broken down.

Preparations are being made to place SSKM in the Woodburn block. Preparations are also underway at the Trauma Care Center. The doctors are gone. An initial treatment method has also been considered. প্রধান The head of the department has been placed on the medical board.

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