Lover Kaushani is a grassroots candidate! Bonnie Sengupta joined the BJP

#Kolkata: Starring again in BJP. This time actor Bonnie Sengupta joined the Gerua camp. Rumors have been circulating for several days that Bonnie may join the BJP. Finally the end of that speculation. Boni’s lover and actress Kaushani Mukherjee has joined the grassroots a few days ago.

Kaushani has even become a candidate from the Krishnanagar assembly constituency on behalf of the Trinamool. Not just Kaushani. Boni’s mother Pia Sengupta also joined the grass camp a few days ago. But Bonnie joined the Gerua camp today. BJP leaders Dilip Ghosh and Rajiv Banerjee handed over the flag to him today.

Bonnie joined the BJP today and said, “I want to work for the people. I will follow the instructions of the elders.” On the other hand, Bonnie’s lover has already started campaigning as a Trinamool candidate. Kaushani was also with Mamata Banerjee on the stage of Women’s Day. Raising the slogan ‘Joy Bangla’, he said, “This crowd is saying that Bangla really wants a girl.”

Incidentally, in the last few days, many stars of the entertainment world have joined both the BJP and the Trinamool. Many stars have taken place in the list of candidates as well as in the list of Trinamool candidates. The BJP’s first two-point list has been released. Among them is the name of cricket star Ashok Dinda. He is contesting from the Maina Assembly constituency in East Midnapore. Besides, the BJP announced the name of the first actor candidate on Wednesday. Hiron will fight from Kharagpur in the Gerua camp. Recently, actress Tanushree Chakraborty, Pawel Sarkar and Sravanti Chatterjee, actor Yash Dasgupta have joined the Gerua camp. Mithun Chakraborty joined the brigade on Sunday. Narendra Modi introduced him as the son of the house of Bengal.

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