Mamata Banerjee gets serious leg injury in Nandigram, convoy returns to Kolkata

#Nandigram: Return with nomination submission Mamata Banerjee suffered a serious leg injury in Nandigram. He opened the car door and was talking to the common people of Nandigram. Allegedly a few knocked on that door at this point. That is why the Chief Minister got serious leg injury. He was seen to be in excruciating pain. Mamata’s complaint is that this push is a conspiracy. Mamata said she would lodge a complaint with the Election Commission. Mamata Banerjee said that four to five people deliberately knocked on the door of her car. He was injured in the leg.

He submitted his nomination in Haldia today. Mamata Banerjee was scheduled to return to Kolkata tomorrow from Nandigram to hold meetings with party workers and election agents. But Mamata Banerjee was brought to Calcutta as she was seriously injured in an unexpected incident this evening. According to the latest news, a car may be parked in the middle to talk to a doctor. An X-ray will show if there is any fracture in Mamta’s leg.

Speculation is rife about who or what caused this incident. Senior state police officials are seeking a report from the superintendent of police. Trinamool leader Chandrima Bhattacharya said, “Planned dirty politics. They are scared to see Mamata Banerjee’s public support. The masses have fallen asleep.”

Details coming ….

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