Mamata on the way to nomination with open applause, Shuvendu lends ‘Hindutva’ weapon

#Nandigram: Nandigram candidate Mamata Banerjee is going to Haldia to submit her nomination. Crowds of local people and supporters were also seen around him. Many supporters appeared with open arms. Meanwhile, at the same time in Nandigram, Shuvendu Adhikari also sang against him. In his words, “Mamata Banerjee has insulted Hinduism.”

Mamata Banerjee first worshiped at the Shiva Temple in Rewapara at noon on this day. From there, he continued walking towards the helipad with the supporters. He was supposed to go to the office of the Deputy Commissioner General in Haldia and submit his nomination. Of course, Trinamool Supremo will also do a road show in Haldia before that. Employees are going to Haldia in 34 enthusiastic buses.

Shuvendu set foot in Nandigram when the relevant Trinamool leader was there. At the inauguration of the party’s election office, Shuvendu fired a cannon in the name of Mamata Banerjee. He kept saying that Mamata Banerjee was insulting Hinduism. In his words, “Mamata Banerjee fled from Nandigram.” Besides, Shuvendu alleged that Mamata Banerjee went to Janakinath temple barefoot on Wednesday. “The Hindus of the state have to think,” Shuvendu said on the day.

According to observers, the BJP’s new ally in social engineering politics is going into polarizing politics without any hesitation, directly demanding a Hindu vote.

Subhendu Adhikari will submit his nomination next Friday. Smriti Irani Dharmendra Pradhan can be present on the day of submission of his nomination. Mithun Chakraborty can come. Of course, not the drumbeat of nomination, Janaganesh will say the last word on April 1.

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